10 Thoughts Review on Shadowland #2 by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan

1. In this issue, Andy Diggle has a heroic intervention for Daredevil who has secluded himself after the killing of Bullseye. Everyone ends up turning up and we have a bit of a mess.

2. The man who gets himself arrested to search Shadowland… if I should recognize him, I don’t. Anyone got guesses?

3. Iron Fist and Luke Cage’s conversation about Matt, interrupted by Kingpin, is my favorite thing in the issue. They’re putting accross that they’re concerned about Matt doing the killing and it not being right, while admitting they’ve killed ninjas themselves. I appreciate the distinction.

4. Wilson Fisk is a smooth operator and if anyone can, through sheer willpower, control a demon enemy of the Hand, my money’s on him.

5. I’m a big Shang Chi fan and his simple explanation of this being wrong is perfect for the character. Diggle read the same old issues I did. Spider-Man, during the intervention thing, if both witty and pointed. Diggle really gets these characters.

6. The art is much improved here, with the heavy shadow not obscuring as much emotion and instead adding to the tone.

7. I’m not sure I dig Ghost Rider showing up and caring about this so soon. He’s a spirit of vengeance and there’s nothing to get vengeance for yet… unless he’s what the Kingpin summoned.

8. Daredevil should really know that the collection of heroes in front of him is not using the uncontrollable Ghost Rider as a distraction… but he’s a little mad right now, so I can excuse it.

9. Expanding his territory is dumb without a lot more firepower. I mean, Thor lives down the block. Take it down a notch, Matt.

10. Rating: 7/10 – This was a good way to create tension between Daredevil and the other heroes and felt reasonably organic. Thankfully, this was more like the great first issue than the really terrible Daredevil tie-in issue. Iron Fist could take that room of ninjas alone, so Daredevil had better have an ace up his sleave going forward.

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