HEAD-TO-HEAD REVIEW: Red Robin #15 over Brightest Day #7 – Fabian Nicieza trumps Geoff Johns & Peter Tomasi

The revelations in this week’s Brightest Day #7 were far less compelling than the revelations in Red Robin #15.


While I’m still intrigued by Brightest Day, I’m starting to think the Entity was modelled on Stiffler’s character from the American Pie movies. I mean: “cheeseburger” encouragement for Boston Brand? “Throw your boomerang” for Captain Boomerang and “catch the ‘rang” for Hawk? Are you joking? THESE were the reasons these characters returned? The other missions seem more interesting and serious, but I still wonder why these threats are so integral. I mean THESE are the biggest threats ever that bring the Entity out of its slumber. Really? There must be a pretty decent payoff after all this… I hope.

Conversely, Red Robin showed depth, intelligence and heart this week. There was a thoughtfulness and something rather fresh about Tim assuming a new secret identity as a disabled person. The lengths he went to protect his identity and those of Bruce and the rest of his family showed that he is second best strategist and detective in the DC Universe next to Bruce Wayne! And there was that great fanboy moment with Miss Martian. Awesome!

Both books were entertaining, but this week’s Brightest Day felt like a sitcom while Red Robin felt more well rounded emotionally. Now, I am a huge fan of Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi, so I have faith in Brightest Day. Both are solid writers for sure! But, this week, Fabian Nicieza just proved the more capable and compelling writer IMHO.

Anyway, what do YOU think?

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