Marvel's Comic Book Problems bleed into the Book…

Marvel’s Comic Book Cover and Promotional Headaches continue.

Also, if you find any more typos at Marvel or any other company, send me the pic and we’ll spotlight it.

Anyhow, from X-Men #1:

Unless that’s Wolvie’s new nickname….

Correct Spelling: Wolverine
Marvel Spelling: Woverine

And, doesn’t Smak have a “c” in it, e.g. Smack? However, I’m a little more forgiving with sound effects. šŸ™‚

Hey typos happen. For those of us who have read comics for a long time, we know that. However, Marvel’s cover problems seem over-the-top blunders while its interior problems could be argued as being par for the course and expected as a natural risk of publishing comic books. However, when you pay editors to do a job, you figure they’d catch these things because in their job descriptions it must say “catch typos”.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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