One Year in Knoxville – July 18, 1992

The show opened with footage of the brawl between the Heavenly Bodies and the Fantastics that closed last week’s show. The Bodies soon bailed out of the ring and headed to the back with Jim Cornette.

We then started the show with Bob Caudle. With him as always was Dutch Mantell. Caudle opened by saying that we would see the complete match between the Bodies and the Fantastics that had closed out last week. We’d also see Tim Horner, we’d hear from Bob Armstrong who would talk to us about the upcoming Fire on the Mountain, and the main event would see Killer Kyle take on Dixie Dynomite with high stakes. If Kyle won, Dixie would unmask. If Dixie won, he would get to see what was inside Kyle’s violin case.

Mantell announced that his guest on Down and Dirty today would be Jimmy Golden.

We then headed to the match from last week.

The Bodies were pacing outside the ring as we joined the match. The Fantastics came after Cornette and the brawl was on. Bobby went after Prichard while Jackie went after Stan. Prichard sent Bobby into the safety rail and the Bodies double-teamed Jackie.

Finally Lane left the ring only to quickly tag back in after Prichard had been targeting Jackie’s recently-injured knee. Prichard got another stomp in and Lane took over. Jackie took Lane down and tagged Bobby in. Bobby dropped a fist onto Lane’s knee and then started kicking it before tagging Jackie. Jackie kept focusing on the knee and went for a modified figure four. Prichard broke the hold and Bobby went after Prichard. Bobby and Prichard soon left and Bobby tagged in. Bobby pulled Lane up and landed a punch before punching him over the ropes. Bobby then gave one to Prichard to send him to the floor.

Cornette helped his men regroup as referee Mark Curtis started the count, urging Prichard back into the ring. Bobby sent Prichard into the corner and Jackie landed a suplex for a two count. Jackie got a headlock and Prichard whipped his way out of it. Lane staggered Bobby and that gave Prichard the opportunity to nail a chop block. Cornette got a cheap shot in as well as Jackie went down.

Prichard dragged Jackie to the middle of the ring and went for a spinning toe hold. Jackie punched his way out and Prichard responded by stomping the knee and tagging Lane. Lane baited Bobby in and then rolled Jackie to the edge of the ring. Prichard banged Jackie’s knee onto the apron and Lane pulled him back to the middle. Lane chopped Jackie’s knee again and Lane went for another modified figure four. Bobby saved him and Prichard dragged Jackie to the ropes behind Curtis’s back. Prichard jumped onto Jackie’s knee and then stood on it

Jackie tried to fight back but Lane evened the odds before Prichard dragged him back to the middle of the ring to keep deconstructing his knee. Jackie landed an enziguiri and Prichard tagged out.

Lane rushed over and prevented the tag before pulling him back to the middle and started working the leg again only for Bobby to prevent it. The Bodies made a quick switch and Prichard cranked on the knee until Jackie kicked free. A stomp from Lane prevented a tag and Lane posed a moment before resuming his attack on the knee.

Prichard tagged and went for a half Boston crab. Bobby saved his brother again and Jackie had his leg wrapped around the ring post by Lane. Jackie tried to punch free of Prichard but could barely stand. Prichard took him down with a high knee and locked in a figure four. Bobby stomped Prichard and threw Curtis out of the way as he continued attacking both Bodies. Bobby got a figure four on Prichard as the bell rang for the DQ. Cornette attacked Bobby with his tennis racket and Bobby turned the tide as Jackie choked Lane with a volleyball net. Cornette grabbed a chair as Bobby rammed Prichard into a wall. Cornette nailed Bobby with a chair and the Bodies ran to the back.

We returned to commentary for Caudle to announce that Bob Armstrong had an announcement to make after the commercial.

We came back to find Armstrong in the ring with the Fantastics, the Bodies, and Cornette. Armstrong talked about how the two teams were brawling everywhere they met. As Cornette’s blood pressure climbed, Armstrong refused to let anyone attack anyone else.

Armstrong explained that they had two problems – 1) the fights wouldn’t stay in the ring, and 2) Cornette interfered in every match. Armstrong promised he had a solution. At Fire on the Mountain, Armstrong would surround the ring with barbed wire. Armstrong then barred Cornette from ringside.

Cornette accused Armstrong of trying to steal the belts from the Bodies and refused to leave ringside. Bobby then allowed Cornette to ringside and whispered in Armstrong’s ear. Armstrong confirmed that Cornette could come to ringside and announced that he himself would be the special guest ref.

Cornette threw a tantrum in the ring as we headed to commercial.

We came back to hear Caudle introduce footage from last week’s match between the Batten Twins and the team of Paul Orndorff and the Dirty White Boy.

We joined the match to see one of the Battens punching away on the DWB. DWB reversed a whip and sent the Batten out of the ring. DWB argued with the other Batten while Orndorff delivered a piledriver on the floor.

DWB attacked the remaining Batten and began punching away on him.

We jumped ahead to see Orndorff tag in and drop an elbow from the top rope. Brian Lee rushed to the ring and took his place in the Battens’ corner.

Orndorff cut off an attempted tag and put the Batten down with a clothesline. Orndorff stomped the Batten and jawed with Lee for a moment. Orndorff kept punching the Batten and cut off another tag.

We jumped ahead to see the Batten make the tag. Lee hit the ring and fought off both Orndorff and the DWB. Lee cracked their heads together and took them both down with clotheslines. The Batten got pitched by the DWB and Mark Curtis called for the bell as Orndorff caught Lee in the back with a knee. Orndorff dropped an elbow and DWB stomped him.

We came back to commentary where Caudle was with Lee. Lee announced that he’d talked with Bob Armstrong and signed a match for Fire on the Mountain. Lee would put up the title, but DWB would have to leave town if he lost.

That brought the DWB out. DWB started arguing with Lee and Armstrong came out to prevent a fight. Armstrong confirmed the stipulation as we headed to another commercial.

We returned to Down and Dirty with Dutch. As promised, Dutch was joined by Jimmy Golden. Dutch expressed his pleasure at introducing Golden. Golden explained that Robert Gibson had made a lot of mistakes in Smoky Mountain, and he’d started the first time he’d faced Golden. Golden explained that he didn’t need a foreign object to beat Gibson.

Gibson hit the ring and Golden attacked. The two started throwing punches as Dutch cleared out. Gibson soon got the better of Golden and Golden left the ring to pull off his entrance robe.

Golden climbed onto the apron and Gibson slingshotted him in. Golden started punching Gibson and then sent his head into the turnbuckle. Golden hit a hiptoss and then punched Gibson again. Golden nailed a fireman’s carry and raked Gibson’s face with his boot laces as Dutch expressed his fury at having Down and Dirty interrupted from commentary.

Golden hit a high knee and Gibson tried to punch back. Golden raked Gibson’s eyes and then started biting him. Golden sent Gibson into the corner and punched away before locking in an abdominal stretch.

Golden got caught holding the ropes and Curtis forced the break. Golden slammed Gibson and got a two count. Golden slammed Gibson’s face into the mat and pulled Gibson’s hair.

Gibson punched his way out of the corner and Golden landed a shoulder to Gibson’s gut. Golden pressed the attack and nailed another high knee. Golden punched away and whipped Gibson across the ring. Gibson dodged the charge and started punching Golden before mounting him in the corner for the ten punches.

Golden raked Gibson’s eyes and Gibson revered an Irish whip before planting Golden with a bulldog. Gibson covered and Robert Fuller hit the ring. Fuller kicked Gibson and nailed a big boot. Fuller kicked Gibson in the face and pulled his boot off. Fuller blasted Gibson with the boot and handed it to Golden while he pulled off his belt. Fuller and Golden whipped Gibson and stopped him with the belt before Fuller started whipping Gibson with his belt.

Fuller held Gibson while Golden came off the top rope with Fuller’s boot. Fuller stopped Golden’s pounding Gibson with his boot and landed a few more belt shots as we headed to commercial.

We came back to find Gary Scott waiting in the ring. “Thunder Road” started playing and Tim Horner made his way out.

The bell rang and the two locked up. Horner took Scott down and Scott rolled through. Horner hit a belly to back suplex and held on as Scott got to the ropes.

The two locked up again and Scott took Horner down with a waistlock. Horner escaped and took Horner down with a couple of armdrags and then a backdrop.

Another lockup saw Horner start cranking on Scott’s arm. Horner won a test of strength and suplexed Scott for a two count.

Horner went back to the arm and took Scott down before locking in an armbar. Scott fought back to his feet and slammed Horner, only for Horner to hold on to the arm.

Horner kept cranking and Scott punched him to escape. Scott wound up having his head rammed into the turnbuckle and Horner took him down with a back elbow. Horner hit a snap suplex and then powerslammed Scott down. Horner hit an atomic drop and rolled Scott up with a bridge for the win.

We then joined Caudle and Horner. Caudle complimented Horner on the win and said that he knew that Horner was still looking for Buddy Landel. Horner gave a quick rundown of the feud and announced that there would be an I Quit match between the two at Fire on the Mountain.

We came back to hear Caudle introducing footage from last week to set up the match between Dixie and Killer Kyle.

We joined the match as Kyle had Danny Davis in the corner. Danny escaped a charge and Kyle set the violin case in front of the turnbuckle. Kyle whipped Danny into the case and covered for the win.

Dixie charged to the ring and informed Mark Curtis of what had happened. Curtis reversed the decision and Kyle smashed Dixie with the case. Kyle then put his hat on and slowly left the ring.

From there we went to an interview with Dixie. Dixie said that he knew that there was something in the case. Dixie promised to find out what was in the case.

From there we went to the ring where both competitors were waiting.

The bell rang and Kyle backed Dixie into the corner. Kyle whipped Dixie and Dixie dodged a clothesline before Kyle left the ring to dodge the Confederate Kick.

Kyle slowly returned to the ring and the two locked up again. Kyle backed Dixie into the corner and Dixie dodged a punch before delivering some of his own. Kyle was unaffected and landed a shot on Dixie.

Kyle whipped Dixie and Dixie dropkicked Kyle down twice. Dixie whipped Kyle and he turned a backdrop attempt into a pumphandle slam. Kyle covered for a two count.

Kyle began squeezing Dixie in a modified bear hug. Kyle then picked Dixie up and planted him with a sidewalk slam. Kyle covered and got a two.

Kyle pulled Dixie up and landed a shot to his back that sent Dixie to his knees. Kyle hit a triple backbreaker and threw Dixie down. Kyle tried again and got a one count.

Kyle whipped Dixie and Dixie dodged a backdrop. Dixie went for a sunset flip and Kyle punched him. Kyle covered and Dixie reversed to another failed pin attempt.

Dixie escaped another sidewalk slam attempt and ran Kyle into the ropes. Dixie then took Kyle down with a body press for a two. Dixie tried a shoulder block and Kyle threw him through the ropes.

Dixie sprinted to the top rope and hit a cross body for the win. Curtis then retrieved the violin case and presented it to Dixie.

Dixie opened the case and discovered a roll of tape. Kyle hit Dixie with a clothesline and taped his arm to the ropes. Kyle taped his fist and popped Dixie before punishing him in the corner.

Curtis ran to the back and came back with Horner and Danny Davis. Kyle left the ring as we headed to commercial.

We came back to the commentary area to discover Caudle with Golden and Fuller. Golden brought up how Gibson had been carried out and then told Gibson to keep his nose out of his business. Fuller added the only reason Gibson was still alive was because Fuller hadn’t wanted to kill him. With the show out of time, Caudle said a quick goodbye for another week.

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