10 Thoughts On Superstars 08.05.2010 – feat Evan Bourne, LayCool, Zack Ryder

1. A member of LayCool vs Tiffany. That hasn’t been done in a whole six days.

2. Mrs. McIntyre didn’t look terrible tonight, there was a little more energy in her spots. And look at Layla with the fancy submission move…you don’t see the women pull stuff like that anymore.

3. I’m so glad they recapped the kissing contest from NXT. I wasn’t sufficiently bored enough by it the first time.

4. Those damn 7-11 straws are elusive! I found the cups, and purchased the Triple H one, but can not find those straws.

5. It’s entertaining to see The Dudebusters face Curt Hawkins, considering they tag together in FCW.

6. It’s also entertaining to see a heel tag team vs a heel tag team. Nothing but viciousness through out the entire match…just the way I like it!

7. The Dudebusters were lackluster, as usual. Chris Sabin’s evil twin fluctuated between being really impressive and really spastic, except for his last spot. But Curt Hawkins continues to amaze me. Also, it’s very interesting to see that they’re challenging the Hart Dynasty. That means no more Usos until they learn how to work!

8. I marked out for Miz’s promo. He has to be my favorite Superstar as of right now.

9. I don’t think Evan should have entered first. He’s the superhero of this main event, it would have been better for him to enter second to hype the crowd up even more.

10. Oh, Zack Ryder. He’s really good, and has a decent gimmick, but he’s wasted. I know Evan is getting pushed right now, but it would have been nice to see Zack win one for once. I wish he would move to Smackdown, where he might be able to become a serious threat.

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