East of Gotham – New Comics News I'm Excited About, from SDCC and More

There was a ton of awesome news coming out of SDCC this year. Here is what has me psyched:

1. Generation Hope- Kieron Gillen is a star waiting to happen and this high profile X-Book, along with his great Thor run are steps in the right direction. His involvement alone means I’m getting a book I would have otherwise skipped.

2. Grant Morrison’s Batman, Inc. is a theme he explored before with the X-Corporation, but instead of branding mutants, he’ll now be branding crime fighting to strike fear into the hearts of a certain cowardly lot.

3. It’s not SDCC, but it’s a huge new book, to me at least. Thunderstrike, the 90s human Thor, will get his own book by former Editor in Chief and Spider-Girl writer Tom Defalco. Defalco always packs his books to the brim and is a far far better writer than Joe Q or Didio. This is must buy.

4. Fred Van Lente is doing a Taskmaster series. Taskmaster has always been awesome and was really developed during Dark Reign. Van Lente has just always been awesome. Good choice, especially with Van Lente getting an Avengers book to go up in profile.

5. Waid will be crossing over “Irredeemable” and “Incorruptible”, his two Boom!series that are 100 times better than the Millar-verse without any of the hype or over the top nonsense.

6. While I’m not sold on JT Krul yet, I am thrilled, thrilled I say, to have the core Teen Titans return and will give this a real shot.

7. Trying to avoid movie stuff here, but I can’t help but mention McDuffie writing All Star Superman animation. That’s almost too good to be true. All Star Supes is the definitive arc on the character ever for my money.

8. Guggenheim doesn’t get a ton of press, but the awesome Cornell arc on Action Comics was his idea, so I’m pretty psyched to see if he can save JSA. His ideas of trimming the roster and introducing a city that will draw heroes to it certainly sound smart.

9. Arana becoming Spider-Girl effing sucks, but it’s finally Paul Tobin’s big shot, and since I really want to see that guy on Superman, I’ll be supporting him to hopefully get the Marvel Adventure’s scribe on to bigger and better things.

10. Jeff Parker has yet to write anything I don’t love, and Age of Sentry is one of my favorite books of the past few years, so him doing Red Hulk made me sad… because now I have to buy that.

11. Which is just about as bad as Jonathan Hickman, who I’m nearing mancrush territory for, getting Ultimate Thor. I thought I was done with Ultimates!

12. Meanwhile, Paul Cornell, who is surely soon to join the elite of comics writers, will bring Lex Luthor’s Action Comics into a crossover with the team Luthor founded during Infinite Crisis… the Secret Six of Gail Simone. If we throw Morrison in there somewhere, that’s all my favorite DC writers!

13. Speaking of, Grant Morrison is going to go buck wild with the Marvel Family for 38 pages in “Thunder World.” Do you want my money now for this?

14. I hate Barry Allen, but love Johns on Flash… so giving me Johns on Flash: Speed Force starring Wally West and others is a sure way to get me back on with this franchise.

15. I mentioned Waid earlier, because he’s Mark freakin’ Waid, but didn’t want to add this to his independent work. Waid is returning to Captain America for what amounts to a telling of his early Avengers years and acclimating to the new world. As one of the top two or three Cap writers ever, “Man Out of Time” will be must read.

16. Peter Tomasi is literally the only man I’d accept following Grant Morrison on “Batman and Robin.” Well, at least until Cornell is done with Action, anyway.

17. Van Lente is going to be a busy, busy man as along with Avengers and Taskmaster and whatever Hercules book, we also get … ready… Iron Fist’s return! With a new Power Man!

18. Just a reminder, Matt Fraction, who wrote the epic “Ages of Thunder” is picking up Thor to go with his Iron Man and Uncanny X-Men duties. He’s one of the tops in the business right now. To say I’m psyched is nowhere near enough.

19. Cosmic Avengers… DnA. Let’s go! Even if it’s just the Guardians with a more sales friendly name… Let’s GO!

20. I fucking love comings.

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