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Sorry for the lateness folks but the end of July was a rough one for me and my friends.  I took what happened to me and came up with this topic for the foums to discuss.  A bit morbid you say?  Probably, but each person mourns in their own way.  For me…I want to talk comic books.  Now I should put this real big at the beginning of this…


Now that we got that out of the way let’s get into it.  I wanted people to discuss some of the best deaths in comics.  Whether it was because it meant something to them, was very well done within the story, or just looked pretty freaking cool.  I was a bit surprised no one mentioned Superman but then again that lasted for how long anyway?  So the 1st post we got was from AFN who simply says:

“Wicker Sue.”

I can always count on AFN to bring up one of my favorite characters.  Maybe one day I will try to get everyone in on the joke.  Mathan and Dhaise chime in with one that I know nothing about:

” Blok’s death in Legion of Super-Heroes.”

and from Dhaise:

“Blok and Ferro Lad”

Since I never read any of this series this is completely lost on me but I respect these two guys’ opinions so this must have been a good one.  There were a couple of mentions of Colossus but in our normal snarky manner.  From Beadle:

“I thought Colossus’s death was great. Oh, wait. He’s not dead.”

and from Wolverine0712:

“I’ll second Colossus, which was so meanful at the time. It was a fitting death for the character. Unfortunately, they crapped all over it by bringing him back.”

Beadle also came up with this one which I knew would pop up but he made a really good point:

“Actually, thinking about Gwen’s death, not only was it iconic, but also a bit of a different twist on a comics death. She died not from falling off the bridge (although she would have done), but from Spidey’s attempt to save her.”

Dhaise had this to say about another one that I knew would pop up but I combined to posts to make the quote:

“Barry Allen’s original death was 100% perfect. Everything about it’s execution was so well done that ressurecting him actually becomes cheap.  I hate nearly every BIG death in modern DC. Back in the day, they were kings of well plotted drama and change (See Tula or the Original Dove) which sometimes includes death. Now it’s just killing sprees. 4 of my 5 listed deaths in the inital posts were DC moments,and none of them happened in the past 15 or so years. Barry Allen’s death set a standard for how you send off a big name character, and it’s one that DC has never surpassed since.”

Dhaise also had this post about one of my favorite series and this would be a good point to look away if you haven’t read all of Walking Dead:

“Every single character the Govoner killed in walking dead, especially tyrese. I almost stopped reading when Tyrese died.”

The ending to that storyline of Walking Dead was flat out hard to read.  Yeah Tyrese’s death was rough in the way that it happened (seriously the guy can’t even get one clean chop?) but when Lori and the baby were killed…just wow.  Now for something I never thought I would do…*sigh*…the next post comes from Kyle Jordan.  Damn him for coming up with 3 deaths that I just had to have in the column (again this is a spoiler one if you haven’t read Runaways or Y the Last Man):

“Gert in Runaways.  Ampersand and Agent 55 in Y the Last Man”

I’m not embarassed to say those last 2 especially gave me a big old lump in my throat.  So there you go KJ…you made the column.  Don’t get used to it!  Mathan had one that I wouldn’t have thought of off the top of my head from Starman but it was truly a good death:

“Ted Knight”

I got a little misty at that one too (see what I did there?).  Now remember I was going for cool looking deaths too.   Well I had this to say:

“Remember I was thinking of cool looking deaths too. For example like when Apollo flew through the Giant Man rip off’s head in The Authority.”

Yeah I quoted myself.  It’s my article…deal with it.  Beadle gets another mention from me because visually he is right about tbis one:

“The coolest looking RESULT of death is Pym Falls (or Pym Pass, or whatever it was) from Old Man Logan. That looked fucking awesome as a visual.”

Now we’ll end the column with another from Dhaise because I do think this was one of the BEST death scenes in comics and he says it better than I ever could.

“Captain Marvel.

That last panel hit with more impact then any number of decapitations, exploding bodies, or disembowlings.”

With that the column comes to a close.  I do want to take a little space and just thank all of you guys on the forums for just giving me some kind words when I was having a tough week.  This place really is more than just a forum where we come and bitch or rave about comics.  We are a close knit group and we watch out for our own.  Thanks again guys.  Mathan gave me some ideas for the next article which should be entertaining.  Just watch for them on the boards.

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