10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 08.06.2010 – Matt Striker’s ‘singing’, Cody Rhodes’ super mirror & more

1. It’s great to see WWE planning something new in Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio rather than the same old matches week in and week out. It was also refreshing to see Drew not being scared for once and wanting to fight; he is a 6ft 5” lean, mean wrestling machine for goodness sake! In reality he shouldn’t be scared of anybody – well except a gang of Glaswegian chavs.

2. Perhaps within Cody’s new segments he could start giving makeovers ala ‘Queer eye for the straight guy’ (if rumours are to be believed) to all the other wrestlers on the roster. May I suggest Fat Matt Hardy first? – please start with the grease vat that is his hair! Even Matt Striker noticed it with his excellent ‘grease-and-go’ comment.

3. Can somebody please explain to me how the mirror during Cody Rhodes’ entrance is filmed? Because if there was a normal film camera behind surely there would be glare off the screen which would make his image blurry and there can’t be a small camera about as it couldn’t produce that large of an image. I even asked my friend who does TV production thus works with cameras all day and she has no idea either!

4. I swear to god if Dos Caras Jr Alberto Del Rio doesn’t appear on Smackdown television next week I will go to his beautiful house, pick him up by the scruff of the neck and throw him in the ring myself!

5. The new(ish) side of Kofi Kingston that came out last week has really improved his in-ring work. It is now a lot more vicious which makes for a greater and exciting match.

6. Dolph Ziggler is finally Intercontinental Champion after what has felt like forever! (well since last summer and his countless bouts against Rey.) Kofi will get his rematch soon but after that I wonder who will feud against Dolph for the IC belt? – Christian or MVP would be a good choice, but then again it is WWE and we will probably see Dolph vs. Kofi for another six months.

7. The 3-man tag match was basically Team Thursday Night Superstars vs. The SES. Now, I’m not MVP’s biggest fan but even I was excited and happy to see him back on Smackdown. Poor bloke though having to take the pin of a non-existent big boot (go back and double check, Luke Gallows doesn’t even manage to hit him with his finisher!)

8. Matt Striker, you are indeed my favourite wrestling announcer but you certainly haven’t got the singing voice of Ewan McGregor. So please shush and stop singing along with wrestler’s entrance themes for the sake of everybody’s ears!

9. The Drew/Rey match was phenomenal! It was full of excellent and jaw dropping spots. Such as the hurricanrana by Rey off the ring apron and at the end when Rey got the pin off yet another fantastic move I whooped with delight – but TBH I would have been happy if Drew got the pin as well. I just hope this match starts a new feud between Rey and Drew after the whole Kane storyline has finished so I can see more excellent matches from this pairing.

10. Best match of the night – Drew McIntyre/Rey Mysterio.
Worst match of the night – 3 man tag match, it really didn’t bring us anything other than the fact that Big Show will most likely win at Summerslam – unless CM Punk actually wrestles this time then the SES may stand a chance of taking the win.
Best segment – ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes’ eyebrow tips, it’s always nice to learn how to take care of my unruly brows.

On another note, I want to apologize for not writing hotties ‘n’ notties this week, my mother tripped over my dog and tore a muscle in her arm so I had to take her to A&E and I didn’t have any time to write the column. But I shall be back next week with a special bumper issue.

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