10 Thoughts on TNA Hardcore Justice

Before I get to the thoughts on this show, I have to say that ECW was never my favorite type of wrestling. If you read my People’s Column this week, you know that. With that said, I was home and had nothing to do today, so I watched this show. Best of luck TNA.

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1. I don’t really see the point of the super dim lighting in the arena. It makes it hard to see. As far as I can remember ECW was never lit in blue, but in the basic arena lighting. Why didn’t they just light the ring normal and turn off everything else? The blue is horrid.

2. Really nice opening promo by Taz. I always felt he could have done more after leaving ECW, but injuries forced him to retire to commentary. I loved him as a wrestler and loved seeing his passion in those opening minutes.

3. Well this show certainly had something that all of the other ECW reunions did not, an extreme dance off. It also had something that none of the ECW reunions needed, an extreme dance off.

4. Poor taste on TNA’s part in waiting till the second match on the show to say that Lynn was not going to appear. There are a lot of fans who probably ordered hoping to see that match. As far as I know it was never on TNA’s website that he would not be there either.

5. Too Cold Scorpio looked like his old self tonight. I’m sure that he does not have many of those performances left in him, but he had some of that old flash (and some of that old funk).

6. How is Steven Richards not doing more in TNA? The dude is in the best shape of his career and can talk really well.

7. That’s all that The Sandman is going to do? Wow. At least he did not do his entire entrance to generic music like at One Night Stand 2005. That took forever and was not near as entertaining as hearing “Enter Sandman.”

8. So let me get this straight, The Gangstas run down to the ring and attack Team 3D with weapons, then they all hug. I don’t care if this is a reunion show, that is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.

9. That Tommy Dreamer vs Raven match was hard to watch. Both of these guys’ should hang up the boots now. This was a quality performance that they should not be embarrassed of, but continuing to wrestle is just tempting fate.

10. I have to admit that I thought Sabu was going to be terrible in the main event and I was wrong. This was not a five star classic by any means, but Sabu had a nice performance that was probably better than anything he did in WWECW.

Bonus Thoughts!

11. Rob Van Dam looked strong going into his match with Abyss, but with the announcers talking about RVD’s injuries leading into that match, would anyone be surprised to see him drop the title?

12. Ending the show with a beer celebration was fun at One Night Stand 2005, but is it necessary to do that tonight?

13. Why were the fans in the “Extreme” Zone chanting “F*** you Vince” when Vince McMahon gave them the first two ECW reunions and employed most of the guys who were in the ring long enough for them to make a ton of money?

14. Unlike what Tommy Dreamer likely believes, that was not one hell of a pay per view.

That’s all for tonight folks! I’ll be back tomorrow with 10 Thoughts on Raw. Be sure to check out itswilltime.wordpress.com where I will have a full blog reviewing this show and some other fun content throughout the week!

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