Bachelor Pad Spoilers: What To Expect During This Series

If you are a Bachelor or Bachelorette fan, you might have heard of this new “spin-off” show called Bachelor Pad that starts tomorrow night, Monday, August 9. Basically, 19 former contestants on the previous 14 seasons of The Bachelor and the previous 6 seasons of The Bachelorette are thrown together to live in a house. They will compete against each other in challenges and there will be eliminations. So basically it’s like any season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge or simply a cross between The Real World and Survivor. It will be run for 6 weeks and will be hosted by Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft.

Here are the contestants:

– Ashley E.: a 30-year-old teacher who tried to seduce Jake Pavelka in a flight attendant costume on The Bachelor Season 14.

– Craig M.: a 34-year-old dental salesman and villain from The Bachelorette’s sixth season featuring Ali.

– David G.: a 28-year old entrepreneur who conceived the “man code” and vied for Jillian Harris’ hand on season 5 of The Bachelorette.

– Elizabeth K: a 30-year-old saleswoman who told Jake Pavelka to kiss her forehead on Season 14 of The Bachelor.

– Gia A.: the 26-year-old swimsuit model who almost made it to the end with Jake on Season 14 of The Bachelor.

– Gwen G.: a project manager from Philadelphia heartbroken by Aaron Burge on The Bachelor’s second season.

– Jesse B.: the sexy 25-year-old contractor from The Bachelorette’s most recent Ali sixth season.

– Jesse K.: a 28-year-old winemaker who got romantic with Jillan Harris on a glacier on The Bachelorette’s fifth season.

– Jessie S.: a 25-year-old cosmetics saleswoman who confronted Rozlyn Papa on the Women Tell All special for The Bachelor’s fourteenth season.

– Jonathan N: a 31-year-old weatherman from the Bachelorette’s most recent Ali season.

– Juan B.: a 37-year-old contractor from the fifth season of The Bachelorette featuring Jillian.

– Kiptyn L.: a 32-year-old sales and operations manager with famous washboard abs from The Bachelorette Season 5.

– Krisily K.: a 30-year-old personal assistant who was the runner-up for Charlie O’Connell’s hand on The Bachelor Season 7.

– Michelle K.: the 26-year-old saleswoman was sent home by Jake Pavelka after a disappointing kiss on The Bachelor’s 14th season.

– Natalie G.: a 28-year-old bartender from The Bachelor Season 13 who famously told Jason Mesnick, “I like bears.”

– Nikki K.: a 30-year-old adminsistrative assistant from The Bachelor’s 13th season.

– Peyton W.: a sweet, 27-year-old cheerleader apparel saleswoman from The Bachelor’s tenth season.

– Tenley M.: Jake Pavelka’s second choice on the fourteenth season of The Bachelor.

– Wes H.: a 33-year-old country musician who admitted he joined The Bachelorette’s fifth season to become famous — not to fall in love with Jillian Harris.

As you can see, they mostly got people who have appeared on the more recent seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Now lets get to the SPOILERS! Here are the basics on what you need to know about this show:

– Filming ended in Mid-June with four remaining people (2 “couples”). The whole cast is being brought back sometime in September, and in that taping, the final four will compete AS COUPLES against each other, so 2-on-2. The winning “couple” will then face off against each other 1-on-1 for the 250k prize supposedly voted on by the other contestants. S

– There will be a sole winner, and not a 250k prize divided up to a winning team. Although I wouldn’t put it past this show to change the rules at the end and make this some battle of “love vs money”. But I’ve been told the 250k prize will go to one person, and not two.

– The final “challenges” haven’t been revealed yet, but obviously it won’t be anything physical since that’d kinda be unfair.

– All 19 contestants lived in bunk beds in the same living area, and the “fantasy suite” was upstairs in the mansion.

– On the mini-group dates, the person that is given a rose is immune from the next night’s vote and can’t be voted out.

– The voting is done as follows: The guys meet and vote out a girl, and the girls meet to vote out a guy. This is done by the guys placing a headshot of the girl they want eliminated into a ballot box, and the girls do the same with a guys headshot. Chris and Melissa preside over these elimination ceremonies and pull the picture out to reveal who gets sent home.

Stay tuned as Inside Pulse will have spoilers for the first episode early tomorrow.