Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household; Who is Nominated For Eviction; Who Won Power of Veto; Did Pandora's Box Get Opened?

When we last left Big Brother, the HOH competition was still going on as the houseguests were spinning round and round in a “paint competition”.

In the end, Matt won the HOH competition.

We then put Brendon and Rachel up for eviction.

Then, Matt opened “Pandora’s Box” and as a result let the new saboteur, Ragan, unleashed on the houseguests. At least, we think Ragan accepted his new role as saboteur. The live feeds were on and off all day Friday.

Jeff and Jordan came back to host the POV competition. And Britney won that competition for a THIRD TIME!

So it looks like Brendon and Rachel will stay the nominations and likely Rachel is going home, since she is causing all kinds of drama inside the house.