Burn Notice – Episode 4-9 Review

My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy. Until. Greetings again my fellow Burn Notice fans. Last night’s episode was (in my opinion) one of the better ones this season, so let’s get to the weekly review. Last week, Michael and Jesse retrieved a Bible from the safety-deposit box, and found that it belongs to Simon. Michael has contacted Vaughn and wants a meeting with Simon. Vaughn arrives at Michael’s loft as a hurricane is coming in. Michael asks for a meeting with Simon, Vaughn says no, and Michael kicks him out. Michael goes to his mom’s house and meets with Jesse. Maddie didn’t leave for the storm, and that irritates Michael. Then FBI Special Agents Lane and Harris (the agents who surveilled Michael in season 1) show up at her house. They have a witness (James Bailey) that is testifying against some Turkish criminals, and he has disappeared after a hitman showed up to kill him. The agents are facing suspension if Bailey’s escape gets out. Michael agrees to help. He tracks down the hitman, who is a former Marine named Cole (who was dishonorably discharged after his squad members were found to be smuggling drugs into the U.S.). While sneaking into Cole’s apartment, Michael is forced to try to disarm an explosive that Cole setup. Cole catches him, and after talking to him, assumes Michael is the other hitman that the Turks sent. Meanwhile, Vaughn pays Fiona a visit and offers to get Jesse his job back if she turns over Simon’s Bible. Michael plays along with Cole’s assumption that he is a hitman, and the two of them go to track Bailey down. Michael finds out that Bailey is at his girlfriend’s house. Michael and Cole steal an emergency vehicle, since the area they’re going to is off limits unless you are an emergency responder. After getting coded details about the girlfriend’s house from Jesse and Sam, Michael and Cole end up at a parking garage to find the house. While there, the other actual hitman, Reese, shows up and opens fire on Cole and Michael. Michael takes off and gets to the girlfriend’s house. He gathers them up and tells them that he’s there to help. Cole shows up, and after a brief confrontation, Cole and Michael work together to take Reese and his team down. After it’s over, Michael tells Cole that Antigua is nice this time of year (Cole had made mention earlier in the episode about going to a beach where nobody would know him or care why he was there). Lane and Harris come by and thank Michael. They now owe him one, and Michael won’t forget about it. Fi tells Michael about Vaughn’s proposition, and that she declined. She hands the Bible to Michael and tells him that she has a meeting with Vaughn that day. Michael shows up instead. Lane and Harris talk to Vaughn first, and give him a bit of a threatening. Michael talks to Vaughn next and demands a meeting with Simon. Vaughn agrees, but warns Michael that he won’t be able to get into Simon’s head without Simon getting into his head. End of episode.

It was nice to see Vaughn back on the show after a several episode absence, even though I still don’t trust him. I loved seeing “The Clients” listed under Lane and Harris’s names too. So far we’ve had Fi, Jesse, and now Lane and Harris as clients on the show. How long until Sam or Maddie become a client? Who knows if or when that will happen. Cole was an interesting character to me. He’s a former Marine whose team members disgraced him and got him dishonorably discharged from the Marines, yet he maintains some respect for his former life, by not killing Harris and Lane when he had the chance. Even though he is a hitman for hire, he has a line that he will not cross.

Recently, members of the cast and crew for Burn Notice were at Comic-Con answering questions for the fans. According to what I have read from Comic-Con, we’ve got some great things coming up with Burn Notice. Apparently, we will be getting a Sam Axe prequel movie that focuses on Sam before the events of Burn Notice start. Also, we will apparently have a future episode that features two recurring characters in the same episode. Actor/Director Tim Matheson stated that we will get an episode that feature both his character (Larry the undead spy) and Jay Karnes’s character Brennan. I tell you what fans, I want to see that episode. I love the character of Larry the undead spy, and even though Brennan is an ass, I think an episode with both of them would be freaking sweet. On another note, for those Jesse haters/dislikers out there, it sounds like he will be around for almost or every episode this season, so don’t look for him to be gone soon.

According to what I’ve read, the summer season will consist of 12 episodes, with the winter season lasting 6 episodes. To be honest with you, I don’t like that idea. I think they should split it 9 and 9, or even 10 and 8, but hey, that’s what the network honchos get paid the big bucks to do. Well that’s it folks. I’m out of here for now. See you next week.