Gregory Noveck leaves DC Entertainment – If you watch the DC Animated Movie Extras, you'd recognize him

DC confirms departure to CBR:

For weeks, the talk around DC Entertainment has centered on whether or not the recently reorganized division of Warner Bros. will be moving its publishing operations to Los Angeles. And while the particulars of the bond between DC’s East and West coast operations remains an internal matter for the time being, one change has been made to the broader Hollywood schemes of the company behind Superman, Batman and Green Lantern: Gregory Noveck has stepped down from his role within the company.

After word circulated on about the DC Senior Vice President of Creative Affairs stepping aside to pursue the producing side of his career fulltime, CBR News reached out to DC for comment.

“This is not part of a larger organizational change at the company,” a DC spokesperson explained, confirming an e-mail announcing Noveck’s move was delivered to those in the company this afternoon.

Noveck, who started at DC in 2003 after stints with Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures and Platinum Studios where he co-produced projects including the Showtime comics adaptation “Jeremiah” and the reality TV series “Next Action Star.” After coming on board at DC, he served a go to voice within Warner Bros. about the management of DC’s properties in various media, helping to launch the company’s successful DC Universe line of animated movies which he often executive produced as well and several other film and television projects.

Most recently, Noveck received credit for being instrumental in bringing the Warren Ellis/Cully Hamner comic “RED” to screen with Summit Entertainment. The last piece of involvement he’ll have with that particular passion project of his will be Noveck’s scripting of a “RED” movie prequel comic to go on sale in October. From there on, Noveck plans to return to producing full time.

Here’s a pic courtesy of WonderCon:


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