10 Thoughts on ROH on HDNet 08.09.2010 feat. Tyler Black vs. Chrisopher Daniels, Necro Butcher vs. Rasche Brown, and Colt Cabana

Before I start, I direct those of you wanting a full play-by-play of the show to go to my ROH partner in crime Kyle Sparks for his always good recap. And now . . . thoughts!

1. While Tyler Black’s delivery on the opening promo wasn’t good (as usual), I actually really liked the content. Black came across as very “real” when he showed anger towards the fans that boo him just for the sake of booing him. Wouldn’t that frustrate anybody? I definitely think there was a hint of realism to that promo.

2. Rasche Brown vs. Necro Butcher was a slow and sloppy brawl that does nothing to make me want to watch these two go at it again, but I do prefer the angle being furthered on TV than via video package.

3. Fantastic interview by Christopher Daniels. I know it’s unfair to compare him and Black, given Daniels’ considerable edge in experience, but this and the opening promo were like night and day. Black can only benefit from being around the Fallen Angel for the next few mon . . . oh, wait.

4. Davey Richards scored major points with me by saying that he didn’t see his title match with Black as a “Match of the Year” because he lost. A key element of the suspension of disbelief when watching wrestling is having the wrestlers make you believe they’re trying to win a fight, as opposed to putting on a performance. Davey usually succeeds in that regard, and he did it again tonight.

5. I wasn’t a fan Colt Cabana wrestling reverting to his comedy style tonight, given the edge he has shown during his involvement with El Generico, Kevin Steen, and Steve Corino. I do, however, stating something to that effect on commentary. Match was a total throwaway, of course, but it does lead logically into this – and again, I appreciate the live angle advancement.

6. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a Roderick Strong promo more than I did this one. I think this is the perfect formula for him – Truth Martini does most of the talking, Roderick comes in with a couple of strong (believe me, no pun intended) soundbites, and . . . end scene!

7. While I’m not asking for one every week, I think time limit draws in “TV time remaining” matches are underutilized. Again, it goes back to the suspension of disbelief. If you’re watching a wrestling show and have been conditioned that draws won’t happen, even if you don’t know who’s going to win you can still anticipate the finish coming. MMA and boxing fights run out of time before someone picks up a pinfall/submission/knockout. Why shouldn’t wrestling matches?

8. I’ll disagree with anyone that deems Black-Daniels the TV Main Event of the Year (I even think the Street Fight from a few weeks ago was better), but they made it seem like a big deal and delivered a very good match. Best of all, it gave me the feeling that these two can put on a match in the future that will not only be as good (if not better), but will be totally different.

9. This show was a mixed bag for me. There was only one “real” match, but it got plenty of time and delivered. We got four promos/interviews, which may seem a bit much, but they served to put over the importance of the ROH World Title and culminated with the four men in the ring. It wasn’t as action-packed as the last couple of weeks, but it told a good story, so I enjoyed it.

10. I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least give my early thoughts on the rumors that Tyler Black will be joining the WWE as early as September. Whereas I was optimistic about Danielson’s chances of succeeding, I can’t say the same for Black – through very little fault of his own. While not a giant, he has a good build and a unique look, so that’s not an issue. His mic skills, however, are, and I wonder how much of an opportunity he’ll get to work on that away from the Indies. Black’s greatest draw is his exciting, athletic offense. Therefore, his chances of succeeding ultimately depend on how much the WWE strips down his moveset. And that’s what worries me.

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