10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 08.09.2010 feat John Cena & Bret Hart vs Edge & Chris Jericho, Nexus Attack, The Miz vs Evan Bourne

Welcome once again to 10 Thoughts, with your resident thinking Will Pruett. In case you missed it, I threw down 10 Thoughts on last night’s Hardcore Justice PPV. I also have a new blog up on the Hardcore Justice show and will have another up discussing possibilities for The Nexus if they lose their match at Summerslam. All of that is at itswilltime.wordpress.com.

And now here go the thoughts!

1. Is it okay to refer to John Cena and Bret Hart as Team Jean Shorts? I mean they may be the only two guys in 2010 still wearing them unironically.

2. Really smart booking to have The Nexus take out Hart Dynasty. It created intrigue for the rest of the night and took away some obvious options that people had been discussing.

3. For a guy who was hoping to see Evan Bourne vs The Miz for the US Championship at Summerslam this match was disappointing. It was not bad for a four minute Raw match, but I think Evan Bourne should be doing more.

4. The crowd was chanting “Mix is Awesome” and showing anyone who doesn’t believe that he could be a mainstream face star after this phenomenal heel run that they are dead wrong.

5. And there goes Mark Henry. For a moment I was worried that he would once again be a replacement player on pay per view. Thank The Nexus for that beat down.

6. Really great promo work from Randy Orton and Sheamus. This match needed a nice hard sell since it has been so overlooked due to The Nexus. This promo and subsequent physical exchange put over the desire for Orton to be champion, which he has not addressed yet.

7. I think that the NXT rookie six man match was just kind of pointless. I’m guessing it was there to promote the show. In the end, I loved that Sheamus ran in and beat some homies down.

8. Well thank goodness for R-Truth and John Morrison being on the same page. This was a good short match. I have been enjoying Morrison’s work for the last month and hope it continues.

9. Just when I found my relief in R-Truth and John Morrison being together again, The Great Khali is taken out of the Summerslam match. Is there no justice in the world?

10. I love that The Miz is now teasing being involved in both of the Raw main events for Summerslam. He could cash in his Money in the Bank or he could be on Team Cena. This is great story telling that only benefits this breakthrough star.

Bonus thoughts (two nights in a row)!

11. The main event lumberjack match was a really good example of how to tell a story using the lumberjack stipulation. The lumberjack match is a good TV match stipulation. It does not give away too much, unlike cage matches and Ultimate X.

12. The tease of Jericho and Edge leaving made the outcome obvious, but at the same time the live crowd was into it.

13. Speaking of the live crowd being into things, how hot were they for the Nexus vs Team Cena brawl? If Sunday’s Staples Center crowd is anything like that for the actual match, WWE will be lucky.

Alright folks, that’s what I’ve got for this week. Of course, there is still more reading for you to do. Head over to my blog itswilltime.wordpress.com and check out my thoughts on a potential Nexus loss. Also, check back here on Thursday for the latest edition of The People’s Column. I will also have a preview column and a live report before and after the Summerslam show on Sunday.

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