WWE Monday Night RAW Report – 08.09.2010: The United Front

Last night was EXTREME. Tonight it is downright….


Everything goes off as we are LIVE from Sacramento, California! SummerFest…I mean SummerSlam is THIS SUNDAY! Bret Hart is out to open the show! Bret gets the cheap pop as he tells the crowd he was training for SummerSlam and he sees everything fall apart. He wants to mend Team Cena…Team Jericho…or Team WWE, whichever we’re calling it so he invites Jericho & Edge to come down to the ring for a discussion.

Chris Jericho is here wanting to be impressed, since he can’t speak for Edge. Bret doesn’t have time for that crap and he says it’s put up time. Bret placed his reputation on the line to join the team at SummerSlam. If Jericho doesn’t join, he’s only hurting himself. Jericho would be all alone in this world. Bret wants Jericho to do the honorable thing and rejoin the group. Jericho’s tone changed a bit, but his answer is still a hardened no. He calls Bret a hypocrite saying he’s worried about getting a beating from Edge and himself tonight. No one can replace Jericho or Edge. I could beg to differ, but that’s another topic for another day. Jericho wants to dismantle Bret Hart tonight.

Here comes Edge. Edge tries to play peacekeeper, kissing ass to Bret and Edge is back on the team. It’s a ruse, as Edge tries to kick Bret, but Bret is too smart for that, causing Jericho to thumb Bret in the eye. Natalya runs down the ramp as Tyson Kidd & D.H. Smith are getting their asses kicked by the Nexus. They run up the ramp.


We’re back and Bret Hart wants to attack the Nexus with a chair. John Cena comes in and he tries to keep Bret from doing something stupid. He’s off to see the Great Khali.

The Miz v. Evan Bourne

Evan is sporting a shiner and Miz takes advantage of it. Kicks by Bourne only lead to more eye violence. “Miz is Awful” chants from the fans as he continues to pressure Bourne. Headlock by the Miz and Bourne gets out of it. Bourne gets knocked loopy and Miz measures for the corner takedown. He covers and Bourne kicks out. Miz works over the face and Bourne makes his comeback. Suplex attempt by the Miz is counterted to a knee to his head. Bourne scores with his kicks…REVERSE HURRANCURANA NEARLY WINS FOR BOURNE! Miz turns Bourne inside out and he waits for Bourne to get up. Skull Crushing Finale finishes.

Winner: The Miz
Grade: C

The Miz doesn’t care who wins this Sunday because he will walk out as the new WWE Champion.


Last week: Melina returned and kicked Alicia Fox’s ass.

Melina v. Alicia Fox

I question giving this match away this quickly, but it should show viewers just how bad Alicia is. Alicia overpowers Melina to start – never thought I’d say that. She kicks Melina onto the apron and Melina slides back in. Here she goes and Alicia screws a bunch of things up. Matrix by Melina and she slams Alicia on the mat. Modified X Factor sends Alicia to the outside. Melina gives chase and Alicia manages to clothesline without a problem. Back in the ring, Alicia has the hair and she continues with the hair pulling. Uppercut by Alicia…FUCKED UP BACKBREAKER by Alicia…Melina took that very well. Cover gets two. She continues to pull hair and drive the knee to the back. Torture Rack…I wouldn’t want her to do that sloppily. She has a lot of trouble and Melina knows that. Last Call Sunset Bomb – called by Michael Cole ends this mercifully.

Winner: Melina
Grade: C

We get replays of the finish and I gotta say, Melina is the better wrestler.

Josh Matthews has the Great Khali and he is pro-WWE. He also wants Wade Barrett tonight in the ring.


During the break, the RAW GMail books Melina v. ALicia Fox for the Diva’s Title this Sunday. Also, Wade Barrett v. the Great Khali is on tonight. We have a Bikini match pitting six divas in tag action tonight.

Chris Jericho & Edge have a heart to heart and Jericho thinks they may have made a mistake. Edge runs through Stone Cold, the Rock, the Alliance, and lots of others. So the plan is to make sure Cena and Hart don’t make it to SummerSlam.

R-Truth and John Morrison have each other’s back. Mark Henry has them resting assured while the Nexus look on unimpressed. Or impressed enough that Barrett sends the other six out to take care of business.


Ted DiBiase (w/Maryse) v. Mark Henry

Seems the Nexus is out to take out Mark Henry. Strange that they don’t take out DiBiase as well.

Result: No Match


Sheamus is out and he wants to call out Randy Orton since the fans think he is scared of being in the same ring as Randy Orton. He has a montage showing his impact in the WWE. Seems the jury is still out, Sheamus.

Here comes Randy and he tells Sheamus that he is full of it. Randy says that Sheamus can make the excuses and show the videos he wants, but he has never beaten Randy and he never will. Sheamus brings up Trips and Cena to which Randy says that he is neither man. Nice back and forth between the two. Randy says that he will beat him Sunday. Randy challenges Sheamus to prove him wrong. The RAW GMail chimes in and Michael Cole says that if anyone interferes on Sunday, they will be suspended indefinitely. If Orton returns, there will be no rematch. He also encourages Sheamus to do something about it right now. Sheamus fakes one and Randyt Orton takes the initative. Sheamus decks Orton in the skull and he looks for the Pump Kick. He misses and Orton hits the 3.0 backbreaker! Orton takes some time to calculate his move…and he looks for the punt. He stops short of kicking Sheamus, who realizes that.

Orton smiling is awesome!


Sheamus is still out in the ring and we have a NXT Rookies matchup.

NXT Rookies v. NXT Rookies

I don’t watch NXT, so I’m at a loss. Percy Watson has Michael McGillicutty in the wings and we get a tag out to Alex Riley. Watson ducks a shot and he knocks Riley in the head. in comes Kaval, who uses his feet to take it to Riley. Kaval springboard kicks Riley and goes for the cover. McGillicutty breaks the fall. Lucky Cannon gets in on the action and Husky Harris gets the tag. He splashes Kaval for the pin.

Winners: One set of NXT Rookies
Grade: FTS

Sheamus takes everyone out and hits Kaval with the I-Cross. He uses that as a message to the RAW GMail. He should have emailed him.


R-Truth & John Morrison v. Zack Ryder & William Regal

Regal takes it to Truth to start and Zack gets a quick tag. Snapmare to Truth and he locks on the head. Truth tries to come back, but it’s at a loss as he is sent to the corner. Zack misses a low kick and Truth makes the tag. Morrison is on fire and he hits a dropkick. Morrison with a modified Rock Bottom gets a cover. Truth and Regal fight it out and Morrison HITS STARSHIP PAIN! HE ACTUALLY CONNECTS! Game, Set, Match.

Winners: R-Truth & John Morrison
Grade: C (Mainly for Starship Pain)

The card for SummerSlam is shown.


Jillian Hall & Maryse v. Eve Torres & Gail Kim v. The Bella Twins – Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov as referees

This is interesting. Maryse & Eve start things off and Maryse gets sent into one of the Bellas. Maryse isn’t having any of it and her and Jillian double team Brie. She gets out of Jillian’s clutches and Nikki tags in. Hurrancurana by Nikki and she dropkicks Jillian, Eve breaks the fall. Neckbreaker lands and Maryse comes in, Gail Kim puts the tube on Maryse and hits Soul Food. Maryse gets involved and it’s all hands on deck. At the end, the Bellas win.

Winners: The Bella Twins
Grade: NR

Post match, Tamina flirts with Santino and slaps his ass. Wow.

SummerSlam Recall: The Mountie versus Big Boss Man

The Great Khali walks…and is promptly ganged up on by the Nexus. Luckily a referee was right there almost too quickly.


The Nexus makes their way to the ring to tell us that the Wade Barrett vs. the Great Khali match is now canceled. Wade vows to write a new chapter and they will beat Team WWE. Skip Sheffield says that Bret Hart will join Vince McMahon & Ricky Steamboat on the disabled list…permanently. David Otunga warns the WWE Locker room away from joining Team WWE.

Bret Hart & John Cena walk towards the ring and the Miz rubs it in. He wants them to ask Miz to join them. So…they ask the Miz if he’s in or out. The Miz says he will let them know Sunday. The Nexus watches on in disbelief.


Justin Long is your guest host next week!

Lumberjack Match: Chris Jericho & Edge v. John Cena & Bret Hart

Cena & Edge start things off. Edge takes it to Cena, who eventually reverses a whip and he bulldogs Edge. Edge gets back and he tosses Cena out of the ring where the Nexus lay in wait. Jericho tags in and he throws Cena out of the ring to the Nexus. Cena gets tossed a third time. Jericho gets sent out of the ring and the Nexus doesn’t attack for some reason. Jericho gets in the ring and Cena goes for the A.A. Jericho counters to the Walls, but Cena powers out. Cena gets kicked out and he levels Barrett. Barrett climbs the apron and Jericho runs into him. Cena knocks Jericho out and the Nexus attacks away on Edge and Jericho. Justin Gabriel gets his lickings from Bret Hart and the entire Nexus storms the ring. Morrison & Truth backs them up and Jericho & Edge finally decide to make it seem like a ruse and the Nexus is in for a huge shock. They get their beatings before they split. Team WWE is on the same page as the show ends.

Result: No Contest

Show over.

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