WWE’s Jim Ross Blogs on Various legends including Sting, Terry Funk at NWA Fanfest

Here’s what Ross had to say:

On Les Thatcher: Always good to see Les Thatcher my old Smoky Mountain Wrestling broadcast partner. Les is celebrating 50 years in the biz. Congrats Les. Les and I worked for the first time at a big event Cornette promoted in Knoxville many years back that was a really solid show and is floating around out there somewhere on DVD.

On Terry Funk: Terry Funk is still middle aged and crazy, like a fox, and is one of my favorite people plus we had a visit about some of the matches that we broadcast together. Terry was SO underrated as a color analyst. Check out some of our work on DVD or WWE 24/7 On Demand.

On Sunny: I thought Sunny looked great, as did most of the men in attendance, and she’s mentally in a better place in her life than perhaps she has been in years. I was happy for her and she seemed to still connect well with the fans. A creative entity could still utilize her name identity and skill set in the proper environment.

On Sting: Had a great visit with Sting as he was preparing to sign for a huge line of fans anxiously awaiting to meet him. We really had a wonderful albeit quick chat. He said he looked back on some of his early matches when he was just learning his craft and how much better I made him sound than he actually was. Great compliment but I was only doing my job. That’s what announcers are supposed to do, get talents over with the fans and make them better than many of the talents are. We exchanged numbers and I expect to keep up with my old friend that I had not seen in person since around ’93. Sting is a class act and will always have my respect.

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