10 Thoughts on WWE NXT – 08.10.2010 feat. Kaval, Alex Riley, and Third Elimination

1. Since Michael Cole is so big on the Miz he should’ve worn his gear when he did commentary tonight instead of just doing it for the punching contest. At least Matthews beat him, which started this show off on the right foot.

2. Season finale in three weeks? With Smackdown! starting on October 1st on SyFy I wonder what they are going to spend September doing. I’d hope that we don’t get a rushed third season, but that’s what I think we’re going to get.

3. If this were a real “power of the punch” challenge they would’ve had the Big Show give the rookies one blow and the first to get up would be declared the winner. At least this week’s challenge only took ten minutes.

4. If they are booking this like Bash at the Beach 1996 the Miz would end up being the guy that sides with Nexus. If the Daniel Bryan rumors end up being true that could put Bryan in a top level program if he returns.

5. If they put all six rookies in one tag match they need to mention why they put them on the teams that they did. I’d settle for a rigged draw, but its not like they have sold Michael McGuillicutty as a heel so its confusing as to why he’s with Harris and Riley.

6. It goes without saying that Husky Harris is the most improved rookie on the show. He started off flat, but has demonstrated a lot of personality the last several weeks and is now more interesting to watch than Percy Watson. His yelling at McGuillicutty in the six man tag match was a nice touch.

7. I loved Kaval’s flip into the ropes that knocked Riley off the apron and subsequent Dragon sleeper on McGuillicutty. I wonder if McGuillicutty is in the dog house or if his stock has fallen backstage because he went from “whatever-and-0” to losing on two straight shows.

8. I’m not big on the SummerSlam logo. For the last few year’s it has looked way too cartoonish for the second biggest PPV of the year.

9. Michael Cole uttered my exact thoughts on tonight’s main event: “I’m not exactly sure what this match accomplished.” Of course, that doesn’t mean it was the APPROPRIATE thing to say because it basically tells the fans that they are idiots for watching it.

10. Riley’s rant before the poll was great. It’s good to see Kaval at #1. Surprised to see Riley in the bottom 2. I thought for sure it’d be Percy Watson and Lucky. Lucky’s exit was long overdue and I just loved how the crowd would boo him once he opened his mouth. The double elimination will be tricky. Watson will be among those gone, but the other is difficult. Kaval will be safe, but anyone else’s position is up for grabs.

Well, that’s it for this week’s show. Check back on Inside Pulse later in the week for my “What the World Was Watching” column that will recap the November 27, 1995 edition of Monday Night Raw.

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