Former CrossGen Creators on Marvel's CrossGen Announcement + a new logo

Newsarama talked with Mark Waid, Barbara Kesel, Ron Marz, Paul Pelletier, and Tony Bedard about Marvel’s plans to bring back CrossGen.

Skitch Commentary: I agree fully with Waid that El Cazador, Way of the Rat, and Ruse definitely are much needed in the modern comic industry. And the idea of D+A working on CrossGen books definitely appeals to me!

I do take a bit of offense at Waid’s disapproval of the “shared-universe nonsense,” as I thought that was one of CrossGen’s strengths. But Waid’s problems with Crossgen are pretty well documented, so I guess I can forgive him some bitterness. Waid is one of my all time favorite writers and draws a hell of a cool Batman!

New Crossgen Logo

I would also like to say that I’m not loving the supposed new logo.   It reminds me of the Eye of Sauron…

I have no problem with change, and was a early supporter of the new Doctor Who Logo, but this just doesn’t appeal to me.

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