Keith Giffen out & Judd Winick solo on Justice League: Generation Lost + coordinating with Brightest Day

Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

Nrama: Well, the elephant in the room here, Judd, is that Keith Giffen obviously isn’t co-writing this book with you anymore, since he’s been listed as “breakdowns” for several issues. Is he working on it now?

Winick: Keith is doing breakdowns through Issue #7. It just became a scheduling thing. Keith has a number of projects coming up that required much more time than he had for juggling a bi-weekly. It came down to stuff he’s got coming up. Stuff we can’t talk about yet.

Nrama: Since you’re writing this solo, is doing a bi-weekly book as much work as it seems? Particularly when you’re trying to coordinate Power Girl with it, and working with Brightest Day?

Winick: I’m pretty much writing Generation Lost all the time. I just finished Issue #14. I was actually going to start hopping on Issue #15 right after that, but this “ending” meeting’s coming up [coordination with Brightest Day], and everyone’s saying to hold off. That’s getting into the third act. So I don’t want to get too far ahead of everybody else.

But I pretty much, at this point, have to turn in about one Gen Lost script a week, with a couple skip weeks here and there. Just because I’m one guy doing the whole thing, and I want to stay as far ahead of it as I can.

And there are three artists, who we cannot keep waiting. So it is pretty much like doing three monthlies.

And there’s also Power Girl, and I’m done with the Red Hood comic. So I pretty much am working on Gen Lost all the time. And that’s not a bad thing. With how time consuming this comic is, there is something to be said for just concentrating on the one thing.

With Power Girl, her story interweaves with this in such a comfortable way that it feels like a bit of an adjunct to this story. That said, Power Girl is entirely its own thing, and that’s also kind of fun. It’s nice to be able to switch gears a little, and Power Girl is a little less complicated, since it’s one character and it’s not multiple storylines coordinating “just so” with the rest of Brightest Day. It’s a whole different animal… but an animal feeding at the same trough.

Source: Newsarama

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