Mathew Vaughn Believes Superhero Movies Are on the Way Out

Matthew Vaughn, currently working on X-Men: First Class, recently said something that many producers and studios may find surprising. He believes that the superhero genre will be around much longer. The comments, while surprising, isn’t as surprising as the fact that his latest project is comic based and will no doubt draw in a large crowd and bring about a following of people that know plenty about the subject.

Such a comment may have the executives at 20th Century Fox rethinking if they want to ink him to a deal that would see him continue the X-Men: First Class franchise should the film be a success.

“It’s been mined to death and in some cases the quality control is not what it’s supposed to be,” Vaughn said. “People are just going to get bored of it.”

It appears the reason Kick-Ass‘ co-writer took this gig was just because he feels now is the time to do a comic book movie.

“I’ve always wanted to do a big-budget superhero film and I think we’ve kind of crossed the Rubicon with superhero films,” Vaughn said. “I think [the opportunity to do one], it’s only going to be there two or three more times. Then the genre is going to be dead for a while because the audience has just been pummeled too much.”


: First Class goes through the early days of the mutant group, the X-Men. Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto were once just young kids discovering their abilities and realizing they were different. Long before the days they became mortal enemies, they were actually friends looking to support all mutants. Disagreements between them led to the battle that would eventually be Xavier’s X-Men versus Magneto’s Brotherhood.

Vaughn needs to watch his words carefully or he could end up either alienating his target audience or possibly missing out on future work. First Class is scheduled to open on June 3, 2011 which is a very crowded time for comic book movies including Thor, Green Lantern, The Avengers, and Captain America all opening within about a year of each other.

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