Shane Douglas Comments on ECW, TNA, Ric Flair

Here’s what he had to say:

On his demand to fight Ric Flair: “I was offered to be on the show. I would love to be on the show. I put one stipulation forward – that I get Ric Flair. This is no work, this is no joke. I want to get this guy in the ring so I can knock him around a little bit for my own satisfaction and I’m sure the fans would like to see it as well.”

On where things stand with TNA: “That’s my one and only demand of TNA: give me Ric Flair and I would think that Dixie Carter, after paying a 61-year-old piece of garbage a half million dollars a year in the financial shape that they’re in, that she would order this piece of garbage into the match but apparently not. Apparently she must be buddies with him. I haven’t seen that Ric Flair has been anything positive for TNA that would warrant her taking any preferential treatment for Dic Flair, any more than anyone else. … I think the true ECW fan would buy a TNA pay-per-view to see me versus Dic Flair more so than anything else that they could offer up. So, the ball’s in their court.”

On TNA’s decision to hold the PPV: “The whole idea to me seems to be repugnant. The person I spoke to (in TNA), I asked him, if you can explain to me why TNA is holding an ECW pay-per-view, I’d love to hear it. And this person told me they would if they could but they can’t so they won’t. This is a person that works in the office for TNA explaining to me that they can’t explain why TNA is having a pay-per-view. They’d love to if they could but they can’t so they don’t even try. And I think that speaks volumes and way more than anything I can say here above and beyond what we already said.”

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