TNA Impact: Whole F’N Show – Taping Results

– Kurt Angle beats A.J. Styles by submission in five minutes. The TV title was not on the line.

– Angelina Love beats Madison Rayne to win the Knockouts title. The biker chick tries to distract Love but Velvet Sky attacks her instead. Sky tries to unmask the biker chick but she is wearing a black mask underneath her helmet.

– Matt Morgan beats Ken Anderson and Da Pope in a three-way. Morgan pins Pope with the Carbon Footprint.

– Jeff Hardy beats Shannon Moore with a swanton. Moore cuts a promo before the match saying this was his night to show the world he could stand on the same pedestal as Hardy. The crowd was expecting Hurricane or Shelton Benjamin as Hardy’s mystery opponent and they were not impressed with Moore being picked instead.

– Motor City Machine Guns beat Beer Money in two-out-of-three falls to retain the Tag Team titles and win the Best of 5 series. James Storm wins the first fall on Alex Shelley. The Guns take the next two with the Made in Detroit move. Said to be a fantastic match.

– Rob Van Dam beats Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match to retain the World title. Abyss climbs the ladder before RVD enters but RVD sprints down to stop him. Abyss pours tacks and broken glass on the mat but RVD counters into a sunset flip and Abyss winds up on them. Abyss gets Janice but swings and misses, leaving it stuck in the turnbuckle. RVD gets the pin after a chairshot, Van Daminator, Van Terminator and five-star frog splash.

– Hulk Hogan congratulates RVD and puts him over as champion. He says Hardcore Justice raised the bar for TNA and thanks EV2.0. He invites them down to the ring. Mick Foley, Sabu, Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Bill Alfonso and the FBI come out. Hogan leaves. Dreamer thanks everyone for letting them have their one last stand. The lights go out for a Sandman tease, yet when they come back on A.J. Styles, Kaz, Beer Money, Douglas Williams and Matt Morgan are all in the ring with weapons. They assault EV2.0 and leave them bloodied. Raven and Sandman try to make a save but get laid out too. Ric Flair comes out and screams at Dixie Carter, who is sitting in the front row, telling her this is all her fault. Security tries to get Flair’s guys to stop but they get knocked down too. Security had to remove a fan at ringside who was going nuts.

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