True Blood – Episode 3-8 Review

After several explosive, exciting episodes, True Blood settled back down, using calmer downtime to prepare for the final act of the season. As such, “Night on the Sun” was low on plot and high on melodrama, ranging from annoying to fairly good. These episodes are necessary in the grand scheme of things and there are still four episodes left in the season, so we shouldn’t worry too much.

The first half of the episode is mostly Sookie and Bill coming to terms that they can’t be with each other. Sookie’s friends are already up in arms about Bill even being near her, and Sookie is also apprehensive of Bill, knowing he was seconds away from killing her. Bill, back in his normal state, realizes what he’s done, reinforcing what Lorena taught him–vampires can’t be with humans. There was decent emotional depth in the scenes and within a slower paced episode, the #2 highlight, after the fight at the end of the episode.

With the elder Mickens finally out of the picture, Sam’s plot was better than usual. It’s wasn’t as bad, though we’re probably in for more of the same in later episodes. Tommy’s been bred to fight and has instincts to confront anyone about anything, resulting in two near-scuffles, first with Hoyt and second with Crytal’s father. Since the show is contained in such a short timespan, it’s hard to see how Tommy will change when fighting is ingrained in his life.

Jason in large doses can be funny if he’s doing tasks that don’t involve hurting people or hurting himself, but when he tries to be heroic and possibly endanger people, he becomes very unlikable. Crystal shows up at his door for help and he closes the deal as expected. Afterwards, he decides to be stupid and have some words with her father. And he goes alone! Do we want see a moron who thinks he’s a cop run around brandishing a gun? At this time, I’d be perfectly fine if he were shot.

Jesus probably has a darker side which everyone in Bon Temps has and Lafayette will get something to do eventually. For now, he’s just Lafayette’s bland boyfriend.

A couple of old, dead lovers entered the dreams of Arlene and Tara, more hints at the trouble to come. But neither are characters I care about, so my opinion is muted.

The last 10 minutes of the episode gave us an inviting glimpse at the rest of the season. It’s an all-out brawl at the Stackhouse residence with Bill, Jessica, and Sookie versus Debbie, fodder werewolves, and Russell. The fight is in the good guys’ favor until Jessica runs outside and is nabbed by Russell. Everything looks lost until Eric kills Talbot who he had seduced, alerting Russell who promptly flies away.

Bill enters, finds Sookie, and has rougher sex with her than we usually see. So much for the breakup, but there is something different between them. And Jessica who seemed to be in imminent danger when she was running and falling down earlier while chased by a werewolf? Oh… she’s chowing down on him. So many werewolves have been dispatched that it’s hard to take them seriously as a threat. Even Sookie can beat one. At least Russell can carry the entire enemy load.

Now that Eric made his move, things will once again heat up. The line has been drawn and the characters have taken sides. It’s only time before they act.

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