Comics Superstar artist Phil Jimenez disses new Wonder Woman costume designed by Jim Lee

Phil Jimenez, who worked on Wonder Woman years ago, had a spotlight panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2010.

He revealed his thoughts on DC’s current take on the character:

The first fan called asked what Jimenez had to do with Wonder Woman these days, and what he thought of the new costume. Jimenez showed clear distaste for the costume, but refused to get upset. “Ten years ago I would be in a fit of rage. I would lose sleep every day but knowing comics and knowing the cyclical nature of comics and knowing how things change, essentially, it will go right back,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez than asked fans how long they’ve been reading, but first checked to make sure his new style was working.

“Do you hate this? Is this horrible? It’s just an experiment and I don’t want to waste your time, but I really want to hear back from the fans.” Everyone agreed that the new style was working but one fan asked if Jimenez could also answer his own questions.

“Well that’s not the point really!” joked Jimenez. “Well OK, I’ll think about it.”

He then reiterated how he can’t be bothered by Wonder Woman’s new costume since he knows it will change.

“My feeling about any well-built, well-designed character is that if they are well-built and well-designed they are resilient enough to withstand almost anything. Although if this change is permanent I will be a little sad.”

A fan then expressed his anger over the recent changes made to Wonder Woman’s origin, comparing it to changes made in the past. “They did it three times before and it always failed.” Jimenez countered, “Comic books exist essentially to sell advertising space and we are lucky enough to get art out of them, things that shape lives, that certainly shaped mine, and sales matter. They try stuff over and over and over because when they tried it last time, it sold. And invariably it sells again.”

Source: CBR

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