Friday Night Lights – Episode 4-13 Review

Friday Night Lights: Episode 4-13, “Thanksgiving”

We’ve been waiting for East vs. West all season. And now it’s here. Yet it also means 9-10 months ‘til Season 5 kicks off. So how did the finale fare?
Expectations are certainly high.

Friendly rivalry. Classic rivalry. Subway Series. Big Cat Clash. All catchy names the mayor is throwing around. We all know the simple truth, though. Tensions have never been higher in Dillon.

But football isn’t on everyone’s mind. The Riggins brothers have bigger issues to deal with, like jail time.

It’s also Thanksgiving, and the Taylor’s are bringing a large group together. Matt’s home, to Julie’s surprise – and has a plane ticket to Chicago with her name on it.

And as expected, Jess admits to Landry her feelings for Vince. Coupled with being slighted by his best friend Matt: poor Landry.

West Dillon has Tami schedule a press conference to apologize for the situation with Becky. While she has every intention of doing so, she doesn’t. Good for her. She has nothing to apologize for, except maybe caring too much.

Thanksgiving isn’t exactly the happiest of times for our favorite Dillon residents, but they try to make the best of things: Billy gives a nice speech at the Taylor’s. You know it’s killing him that Tim has to take the fall. That doesn’t mean it won’t damage their relationship.

Then we have Vince spending the day with his mother at the clinic. And who isn’t rooting for Vince’s mother? Not a surprise that Jess shows up.

Game time. I know I’ve predicted that the Lions didn’t have much of a chance against the Panthers. And I stick by that prediction. Judging from what we’ve seen, it’s a little unrealistic to expect a W. But you know what? With everything Coach Taylor, Vince, Luke, Becky, Jess and all of East Dillon has been through – I gladly accept the Cinderella story: right down to Lance’s long-shot field goal.

So what do you think: did Season 4 come through?

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