One Year in Knoxville – July 25, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d learn more about the upcoming Fire on the Mountain show. We’d also see the Fantastics, Brian Lee, we’d see a tape of an incident between Paul Orndorff and Ronnie Garvin, and today’s main event would be the Heavenly Bodies facing Hector Guerrero and Ben Jordan.

Dutch promised that today he’d be going to Bucksnort to hear from the Dirty White Boy regarding his upcoming match against Brian Lee.

We then headed to the ring where Joe Cazana and Gary Scott were waiting. The crowd erupted as the Fantastics made their way out and entered the ring.

Bobby started against Cazana. The two locked up and Bobby backed Cazana into the ring. A second attempt saw Bobby take Cazana down with an armdrag. Jackie tagged in and started working an arm wringer only for Cazana to take him down. Cazana got another single leg takedown and Jackie punched him before putting him down with a dropkick.

Jackie returned to the arm wringer only for Cazana to rake his eyes to escape. Cazana crisscrossed the ring with Jackie leapfrogging him until Cazana reversed an armdrag and took Jackie down.

Cazana missed an elbow drop and Jackie hiptossed him into an arm wringer. Cazana fought back to his corner and tagged in Scott.

Jackie wasted no time in taking Scott down and working his arm. Bobby tagged in and Jackie sent Scott into the corner. Jackie whipped Bobby into Scott and then Bobby whipped Scott into a backdrop from Jackie.

Jackie armdragged Bobby into a pinning positing that got a two. Bobby backed Scott into the corner and started punching only for Scott to whip him into the corner. Bobby dodged a charge from Scott and Scott jumped over the ropes to the apron. Scott jumped up to the top turnbuckle and hit a missile dropkick for two.

Scott kept punching Bobby before whipping him. Scott telegraphed a back drop and Bobby punched him before bringing Jackie back in. Jackie came off the top and hit a sunset flip only for Scott to grab the ropes.

Jackie elevated Scott and tagged Bobby. Bobby hit a top rope clothesline and got a two before Cazana broke up the pin. Referee Mark Curtis ordered Cazana out of the ring as Bobby suplexed Scott down. Jackie climbed the ropes, tagged in, and splashed Scott for the win.

We then went to commentary, where the Fantastics joined Caudle. Caudle brought up the Fire on the Mountain match and Bobby put the fans over in their battle against the Bodies. Bobby hyped the match and promised that they’d show who the best team was. Jackie added that now it was their turn to punish the Bodies.

We came back from commercial for Caudle to hype the video of Down and Dirty from last week. We joined the match as Robert Gibson flattened Jimmy Golden with a bulldog. Gibson got a two count before Robert Fuller hit the ring and attacked. Fuller pulled off his boot and blasted Gibson with it. Golden grabbed the boot as Fuller pulled off his belt and used it to clothesline Gibson before Fuller started to whip him.

We returned to commentary to see Gibson joining Caudle. Gibson announced that he’d been searching for a tag team partner and introduced video of his new partner.

We went to a video of Ricky Morton walking in his backyard. Morton admitted he’d made mistakes in his life, but no one ever attacked his family. Morton then said that Fuller had accomplished one thing – he’d reunited the Rock n Roll Express. Morton put over the Express’s history and then said that they were coming for Golden and Fuller.

Caudle was then joined by Golden and Fuller. Golden brought up how Morton had attacked Gibson less than a year ago. Golden accused Gibson of cowardice. Fuller was starting to talk as Bob Armstrong came in. Armstrong announced that he was letting Morton come in and the Express would reunite. Golden complained about having to wrestle the Express and Fuller simply said that Morton was going to get hurt.

We came back for Caudle to introduce the match between Orndorff/ DWB and Lee/ Garvin from Summer Blast.

When we joined the match DWB was covering Garvin. DWB missed an elbow drop and then another. Garvin tagged Lee and the champion began cleaning house on both opponents. Lee hit a powerslam on DWB and Orndorff dropped an elbow to break up the pin. Garvin came in and attacked Orndorff only for Mark Curtis to order both men out.

DWB covered and Garvin broke up that pin. That led to a fistfight between Garvin and Orndorff that Garvin won with a headbutt. DWB slammed Lee and whipped him only for Lee to hit a sunset flip. Garvin punched DWB down and Lee got the pin.

DWB pitched Lee and Orndorff attacked Garvin. Orndorff dropped an elbow and DWB called for a piledriver. DWB picked Garvin up and Orndorff planted him with a piledriver. DWB dropped an elbow and started urging Orndorff for another one. Orndorff pulled Garvin up and Lee hit the ring to run off DWB and Orndorff.

From there we went backstage where Orndorff talked about how he’d used that piledriver to put Andre the Giant and Hogan down. Orndorff promised he’d use a more powerful piledriver the next time they met.

The camera then went to Garvin’s locker room. Garvin talked about Orndorff’s bragging and then said that he was still standing. Garvin closed by issuing a challenge for a piledriver vs. piledriver match.

We headed back to commentary where Caudle confirmed that the match had been signed.

From there we went to the ring where the Stormtrooper was waiting. Brian Lee soon made his way out as well.

Stormtrooper attacked Lee immediately and gained an advantage. Stormtrooper bodyslammed Lee and then started punching away.

Stormtrooper drover his shoulder into Lee’s stomach and whipped him across the ring. Lee dodged a charge and put Stormtrooper down with two clotheslines, then followed up with a dropkick. Lee caught Stormtrooper with a powerslam and picked him up to nail the Cancellation. Lee covered and got an easy win.

Lee then joined Caudle for a word. Caudle recapped the stipulations for Lee’s upcoming loser leave town match against the DWB. Lee promised to not only shut DWB up but to put him on a train out of town.

After a break, we joined Dutch Mantell in Bucksnort, TN as he went to interview the DWB.

Mantell (and his guard dog) were searching through a junkyard for the DWB. DWB came out of an old school bus and we found out that Dutch had just woken him up.

Dutch asked DWB about his upcoming loser leave town match. DWB told Dutch that he wasn’t going anywhere. He added that he knew he could take Lee. DWB then added that it was Lee’s fault that Ron Wright wasn’t out of his wheelchair yet. He closed by promising that he’d leave Fire on the Mountain as the new SMW champion.

After another break we headed to the ring where Paul Lee was waiting. Tim Horner rushed down the aisle and charged into the ring.

The bell rang and Lee posed for a moment. The two locked up and Horner backed Lee into the corner. Lee accused Horner of pulling his hair and then busted out a quick strut.

The two locked up again and Lee got a headlock. Horner whipped his way free and took Lee down with three armdrags before following up with a dropkick that sent Lee scurrying from the ring.

Lee returned to the ring and accused Horner of pulling his hair again. The two locked up and Horner started working an arm wringer. Lee reversed the hold and Horner hiptossed him. That brought protests from Lee that Horner had pulled his tights (and hair).

Another lockup saw Lee back Horner into the corner. Horner reversed a whip into the far corner and Lee flipped onto the apron and charged up the far turnbuckles. He came off the top and Horner caught him with a clothesline. Horner covered and got a two.

Horner started working the arm wringer again. Lee raked his eyes to escape and slammed Horner. Lee missed an elbow drop and Horner rammed his head into the turnbuckle. A punch sent Lee into a Flair flop and then Lee put Horner down. Lee headed up top and hit a leg drop. A cocky cover only earned a two.

Lee slammed Horner and headed back up the ropes. Horner dodged another leg drop and hit an atomic drop that sent Lee out of the ring. Horner threw Lee back in and hit a suplex. Lee reversed a whip and Horner rolled him up from behind with a natural bridge for the win.

After another break we joined Caudle at commentary to announce that the Party Patrol’s Davey Rich had suffered a broken leg during a match with the Heavenly Bodies. We then went to an interview with Rich (as Dutch laughed about Rich’s misfortune).

Rich advised that he’d been through another surgery that day and his leg was healing day by day. Rich said that he’d had Jim Cornette on his mind and he wanted to get his hands on Cornette. He added that Tommy Rich and the Armstrongs had been calling to take care of the Bodies, but Cornette was his.

We then went to an interview with Cornette. Cornette told Rich that he was lucky he’d been hurt and had a four month vacation from getting beaten up by the Bodies. Cornette then told the Fantastics that they had no idea of what was coming when they faced the Bodies in the barbed wire cage match.

We then headed to the ring where Hector Guerrero and Ben Jordan were waiting. “Frankenstein” began playing and the Heavenly Bodies made their entrance. Caudle noted that Cornette had a bag in his hand.

Cornette introduced the Bodies and then ordered the crowd to keep quiet because of Lane’s busted eardrum, which prompted an outbreak of noise from the crowd.

Lane and Jordan started. Lane played up the injured ear as Hector led the cheers from the apron. The two locked up and Lane backed Jordan into the ropes, then whipped him. Jordan jumped behind Lane and shoved him down.

The two locked up again and Lane sent Jordan into the ropes, then started throwing martial arts kicks. Jordan shoulderblocked Lane down and took him down with a hiptoss.

Lane kicked Jordan and shoved him down, and drove an elbow into the back of his neck. Prichard tagged in and got armdragged down. Hector then got the tag and cranked Prichard’s arm. Hector kicked his shoulder and kept working the arm.

Prichard caught Hector coming in again and deposited him on the apron. Hector came over the ropes and took out both Bodies with a flying head scissors. Jordan also came in to even the odds and they soon drove the Bodies to the floor.

Cornette and the Bodies regrouped as Caudle noted that Cornette’s tennis racket was absent. Prichard returned to the ring and locked up with Hector. Hector whipped Prichard across the ring twice and then put him down with a headscissors. Unfortunately he got too close to the other corner and Lane got in a shot.

Lane tagged in and held Hector so Prichard could land a shot, then the two took Hector down with a double back elbow. Lane draped Hector over the ropes and Cornette landed a shot behind the ref’s back.

Prichard tagged back in and the Bodies landed stereo kicks to Hector. Prichard suplexed Hector down and then dropped a knee. He missed a second and tagged Lane in.

Lane cut off Hector’s tag and backdropped him down. Lane and Guerrero then traded claps to the other’s ears (with Lane losing the contest). Lane sent Hector into the corner and Prichard got in a shot.

Prichard got the tag and Hector dodged a clothesline, then hit a body press from the second rope. Jordan tagged in and dropkicked both Bodies, then slammed Prichard. The Bodies soon turned the tide and double suplexed Jordan down for the win.

After the match, Hector went after both Bodies as Cornette entered the ring with his bag. The Bodies sent Hector out and Cornette slipped on a pair of gloves. Cornette reached into the bag and pulled out barbed wire as the Bodies held Jordan down. Cornette and the Bodies proceeded to hogtie Jordan with the wire. The Fantastics charged the ring and the Bodies cleared out as we headed to our final commercial break.

We came back to commentary as Cornette and the Bodies joined Caudle. Cornette explained that he was showing the Fantastics what they had in store for them. Caudle closed out another show by promising a preview of Fire on the Mountain next week.

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