TNA Impact Spoilers – August 19

– Eric Bischoff announces that Rob Van Dam has been taken to hospital with head and spinal trauma, 115 stitches and suspected punctured organs. Bischoff says that RVD’s doctor has consulted with Dixie Carter and the TNA World Heavyweight Title has been vacated. An 8-man tournament will start tonight to be concluded at Bound For Glory.

– Ric Flair announces that Matt Morgan has been hired as his bodyguard. Flair calls EV2.0 undisciplined animals who do not deserve to be in the business. A.J. Styles says EV2.0 got what they deserved for refusing to let things go. Dixie Carter comes out and reminds Fortune that TNA is now ‘their house’. She brings out EV2.0, who reveal that Carter has given them all TNA contracts to sign. Tommy Dreamer tells Flair he is the one who needs to let go of the past and move forward. Mick Foley says he regrets ever convincing Flair to come to TNA. Dreamer warns Abyss that EV2.0 is after him for hurting RVD.

– Jeff Hardy pins Rob Terry with a swanton.

– Hardy brawls with Abyss backstage, trying to get revenge for RVD.

– Ken Anderson pins Jay Lethal with a mic check. They shake hands afterwards.

– Angelina Love pins Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky and the biker chick were out there brawling with Love and Rayne before the bell. The heels lay out Love and Sky afterwards.

– Kurt Angle beats Douglas Williams by tap-out.

– Kevin Nash says that after all these years and injuries he is here because he loves wrestling, not just for the money. If someone wants his spot they will have to take it from him. He says TNA is close to turning the corner and now he wants to know the truth. Jeff Jarrett comes out and says Nash has never cared about anybody but himself. Jarrett puts over Hulk Hogan and Bischoff and threatens to expose Sting’s secrets. Hogan joins Jarrett and they both threaten Sting and Nash. The lights go out and when they come back on Fortune is attacking all four guys.

– Da Pope pins Matt Morgan.

– A.J. Styles pins Tommy Dreamer after Abyss hits Dreamer with the Black Hole Slam. Another Fortune and EV2.0 brawl breaks out.

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