10 Thoughts On TNA Reviving ECW Again

Last week, I challenged Pulse Glazer to refute my 10 Thoughts on the Miz being a future WWE Champion. He answered my challenge and he proceeded to do just that. We both had excellent thoughts on this topic and the comment train keeps on rolling. For a look back at our responses:

Last Week’s 10 Thoughts
Aaron’s Rebuttal

I intend on doing specials like this in the future, with various Pulse writers since last week was a great hit. Thank you to everyone that commented on both columns.

Now then, what should I talk to ten about?  How about 10 Thoughts on TNA Reviving ECW Again since we’re feeling a bit EXTREME from TNA’s latest offering of HardCORE Justice.

1. I’ll take Wrestling Promotions for $1000, Alex. The answer: “This Bingo-Hall promotion continues to defy science after it went out of business, bought out by another company, placed back on the shelf, only to be revived once again.” What is ECW?

2. HardCORE Justice just showed me that Tommy Dreamer didn’t go to the “Vince Russo School of Creativity”. This brings the question, what exactly does Vince Russo do anymore?

3. Blood, barbwire, tables, kitchen sinks, and hugging. What do these things have in common? You get to see them in the same match during an ECW reunion of sorts. Who else would beat their opponent within a half inch of their life and hug afterwards? I’m glad that family reunions tend to be less violent.

4. The folks from the Mango have the exact TNA HardCORE Justice Drinking Game on sale for a cheap price. Comment in the forums and I’ll see what I can do to knock that price down to free for the daring souls wanting to pick up this DVD and have their little drinking party.

5. So, TNA screws the fan base by dedicating a Pay-Per-View to the fifth rebirth of ECW and the TNA stars get a “Thursday Night Special” in place? They should be thinking of ways to INCREASE viewers, not turn them away.

6. Dixie Carter, just a bit of advice: Never run for public office. You saw what it did to Linda McMahon. The opposition will tear through you like a virgin screaming bloody murder.  They will look at this event and enjoy all the 30 second commercials they can make using footage from the show.

7. It’s obvious that I’m trying so hard to not criticize TNA for running an ECW reunion Pay-Per-View. Besides, if you want criticism, there’s 39 minutes of drunken listening pleasure right here and some general thoughts about the show here.

8. TNA could have given the fans what they REALLY wanted to see: Shane Douglas taking time off from his day job kicking Ric Flair’s ass. Or would that be the other way around?

9. F*** you Vince? There’s no way casual TNA fans in Orlando could say that without being directed to do so. Oh, that’s right. TNA fans are just cast members, therefore they listen to direction and instead of them being a fan – they are just a bunch of puppets.

10. Finally, if you’re going to do a Pay-Per-View with ECW “stars”, book the venue somewhere in New York City, Philadelphia, or Boston. If you want REAL ECW fans, that is.

Bonus Thought: Overall, I wouldn’t mind checking this show out on DVD because reunion shows tend to be better than what the promotion normally puts on. WWE did it right the first time they brought ECW back. Of course, Vince seen that he could make even more money, so he diluted the product and it eventually got phased out. I’ve read comments around the internet saying that HardCORE Justice was great and others that said it was so terrible that they wanted double their money back and then some for emotional distress.

This has been 10 Thoughts. Next week, I will talk about WWE and the need for fewer Pay-Per-Views

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