Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Who is Getting Married in the Season Premiere?

TV Guide is reporting that there will soon be another Seattle Grace wedding.

In the premiere episode, one couple will get engaged and get married. That’s one busy hour of television. The couple WON’T be Meredith and Derek, that’s for sure. They’re still insisting that their post-it marriage is for real.

So that just leaves Christina and Owen, Callie and Arizona, and Alex and Lexie.

Gay marriage isn’t actually legal in Washington, but you never know. “I don’t see Arizona entering into something that isn’t ironclad,” Jessica Capshaw says of her character.

“The relationship takes the steps you take as you get deeper involved with someone,” Sara Ramirez says, but she adds a disclaimer. “Callie’s been married, so that could pose an issue.”

Alex (Justin Chambers) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) don’t seem that likely as Lexis is going to have a serious breakdown after the catastrophic events of last season’s finale. Meanwhile, Alex elects to keep the bullet in his chest… in his chest.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Christina (Sandra Oh) seem like the obvious choice, though. “They definitely take it to the next level,” says McKidd.

Who do you think will get married?

Credit: TV Guide

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