Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Superstars 08.12.2010: Laycool, Kelly Kelly, Usos, Goldust, Chris Masters

First match features a rematch between the Usos and Yoshi/Goldust. After that is Chris Masters vs Chavo. Main event is another chapter in the Laycool/Tiffany Kelly feud as Michelle faces Kelly.

1. Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust vs the Usos
– Rematch from a couple months ago when the Usos beat Yoshi/Goldust in their debut match. Goldust and Yoshi dominate the Usos leading to the break. After the break, we see that Yoshi attempted a baseball slide but missed and landed on the barrier. Goldust makes a hot tag and hits some good moves but Tamina distracts him which leads to a superkick and Superfly splash for the win.
Winners: The Usos

NXT recap

2. Chris Masters vs Chavo Guerrero
– Chavo’s new gear is about as weird as Zach Ryder’s. Chavo hits a dropkick on Masters and he lands backfirst outside. He then hits a rolling senton on a prone masters leading to the break. Chavo continues to go after the ribs but Masters comes back with some chops and a Jackhammer of all things. He tries to hit a  superplex but Chavo drops him on the rope throat first. Chavo then hits the frogsplash for the win.
Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Dolph Ziggler video is shown

Raw Recap

3. Michelle Mccool vs Kelly Kelly
– Michelle is with Layla and her NXT rookie Kaval. Kelly got a little offense but really this was all Michelle working on the arm. Looks like she’s been watching Finlay tapes as she did a lot of British submissions. Michelle hit the Faith Breaker for th win.
Winner: Michelle Mccool.

Final Thoughts. The Chavo/Masters match was pretty damn good. Especially for a mid card match on Superstars.

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