Spoiler Warnings: Things To Do In Detroit When You're Superman From Superman #702 By J. Michael Straczynski And Eddy Barrows!

It’s that time again! Time to cover the Superman walk across America!  This stop is the most dangerous city in the US, Detroit!

  • Walking by a game of basketball where one kid is being refused the ability to play, Superman challenges all of the boys to take him on. Wiping the floor with them, he waits until the excluded boy has a chance and makes it look like that boy was able to beat him. The others immediately accept him, and Superman’s job is done.
  • Hearing a weird noise, Superman approaches a man doing yardwork and begins to question him, like about why the way he talks indicates gills and not lungs. They go inside and a giant battle suit attacks Superman and he beats it into scrap. He discovers that a group of aliens came to Earth and are hiding among the population in Detroit, that they ran away from they tyrannical homeworld in search of a new life. Superman makes a few comments about immigration, and they obviously are like “Well, you’re an alien too” and he asks them if they at least do anything to help the community.
  • From there Superman meets a man watching a shut down old car factory, who is surprised to see the Man of Steel in the Detroit/Flynt area. He’s suffering from a cough, but he blames the weather. He talks about the hope that the factory gave everybody, and how much better things were, and then he asks if Superman can do him one favor before he leaves. He asks if he can see him fly, as he’s never seen a man fly in real life before. Superman is happy to do so, and as he leaves the man is incredibly happy…well, until the cough gets worse and he falls over choking and dieing.
  • Superman takes the man to the aliens, and tells them that they need to help. That he’s beyond the range of Earth medicine and that they are his only hope of survival, and that if they say no he will expose them. Yes, Superman blackmails them, but they agree, and they save the man’s life. Still though, they fear the ramifications of their actions as they are no long anonymous on Earth.
  • With the help of Superman, they turn the shut down auto facility into a Medical Research Firm, one that will not only be able to help the sick, but also provides as many jobs as were lost when the auto facility shut down. The man Superman helped save earlier is working there now, inside, with people, and Clark Kent shows up to ask him if he can interview him for a story in the Daily Planet

As far as trips to Detroit go, this one doesn’t seem so bad.

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