10 Thoughts Review on The Thanos Imperative #4 by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Miguel Sepulveda

1. The abstracts go to war, Nova rallies the troops to hold the line and rescue the kidnapped heroes, while Thanos and the Guardians try and re-animate death on the other side of the fault.

2. The art, oh-my-god, the art. Everything here looks absolutely incredible, vibrant, and exciting. This is what I want from my space opera.

3. The Galactus Engine running and smoking the big guns of our universe is great. That this establishes a beachhead into our reality gives it a purpose.

4. The Guardians find out that the chaos beings had a stronger hold here and so they got Captain Marvel to save himself by killing death, granting them access and control. That surely works for me, as does the robot resistance being the only ones left to fight back, including M-11 of Atlas, Machine Man, and Jacosta. Hopefully, Ultron will turn up.

5. Thanos’ need to fix death is great and sounds like it would work… if Drax didn’t utterly disintigrate him at the end of the issue. What now?

6. Actually, the way Thanos attacked Drax, I’m sure this was part of a plan so he could move freely.

7. Nova is the best, a true leader and general. He stops kings from bickering as he gathers the troops, organizes everyone and hatches a plan. Seriously, in the entire Marvel Universe, only Captain America, Reed Richards and Dr. Strange hold a candle to him. Well, and Adam Warlock, but he’s dead.

8. The Cosmic Avenger team to find the kidnapped is absolutely sick and makes perfect sense. Nova leading Quasar, Galactus, Beta Ray Bill, the Silver Surfer and Ronan is awesome. Ronan is a great soldier and top notch general, as is Gladiator. The Surfer is one of the most powerful being in the universe, while Quasar is both trusted and sports quantum bands that give him cosmic awareness. Beta Ray Bill? Not only Thor’s equal, but ruthless and clever enough to defeat Galactus. Great choices.

9. I hope the Guardians get a bigger role after this. I love them and am scared their book won’t be renewed after this.

10. Rating: 8/10 – This is just great. A middle chapter of people deciding what to do with a ton of intrigue and actual big decisions being made that will have ramifications longstanding, tons of great character moments, and the villains and heroes all rallying.

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