Big Bang Theory cast talks… so, which door will Leonard go through?

More Big Bang Theory tidbits from San Diego Comic Con.

What was heard:

Both Johnny Galecki and Cuoco said they were unaware of the direction their characters would go in the new season, which hadn’t started shooting when Comic-Con was going on. May’s season finale left Leonard in limbo, standing in the hallway deciding between Penny’s door and Sheldon’s door. Galecki did talk about how far Leonard, his character, has come since the show began.

“Leonard has grown a lot, and the Penny character has given him a lot of confidence,” Galecki said.” I don’t know if he’s applied it, necessarily, but he’s grown quite a bit.”

So which door will he choose? The writers were tight-lipped about that, but they did share some other details about the new season. Expect to see more of the characters’ lives before they knew each other, and expect Penny to have issues with Sheldon’s new girl. During the show’s panel, they also announced a guest appearance from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who will play himself.

As the show enters its fourth season, writer and producer Lee Aronsohn summed up where he thinks the show has gone over the last few years.

“At the beginning, it was kind of like the big bang itself, everything was formless, then we did the pilot, and then another pilot … and kind of changed the focus,” said Lee Aronsohn, writer and producer of the show. “The first season was like coming together in the big bang …the last two years have been the universe taking shape, and it’s been a beautiful thing to watch as the cast has meshed into a finely tuned comic machine.”

Source: Spinoff Online

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