Burn Notice – Episode 4-10 Review

My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy. Until…Vaughn helped burn me. Well folks, it’s another week and time for another review of Burn Notice. In last night’s episode, Michael got his meeting with Simon that Vaughn promised him last week. Michael meets with Simon and asks about the Bible he and Jesse retrieved from the safety deposit box. Simon breaks his handcuffs and tackles Michael out a window causing them to fall to the ground below. Simon tells Michael that the guards will be on them soon, so he only has about a minute until they grab him. He tells Michael to visit a cemetery plot and dig up the ground. He’ll find a tape with helpful information there. At the loft, Sam talks about his buddy Juan being in prison…and his life is in danger. Juan had saved Sam’s life while he was in the S.E.A.L.s doing an op in South America. Sam goes to see Juan, and after leaving, is tailed by some men carrying automatic weapons. Instead of losing them in the car, Sam stops in front of a law firm and pretends to engage a lawyer in conversation. This causes the thugs to lower their guns and leave Sam alone. Michael volunteers to go to prison to help Juan, since Sam has already been seen there. Using a favor from FBI Agents Lane and Harris, Michael gets into prison sharing a cell with Juan, and a cellphone (if he needs help). Meanwhile, Sam and Fi go to the cemetery and dig into the plot Simon mentioned. They uncover the contents, but Fi notices that it’s booby-trapped. They’ll have to come back when she has the proper tools.

Back at the prison, Michael has revealed himself to Juan, and found out about Cruz, the man who wants to kill Juan. Cruz met Michael and gave him a warning about staying out of the way if he comes around. While with Juan, Michael suspects something is amiss because all the inmates are avoiding looking at them. Michael and Juan go to the library and rip some book covers off to protect their “core” in case of an attack. Cruz shows up at their cell (escorted by a guard) and attacks. Michael fights them off until other guards show up to intervene. Cruz promises them that they will be guests at the big party he’s going to throw. Cruz and an Aryan plot a riot. Michael calls Sam and tells him about the crooked guard and the riot. He needs to help Juan escape during the riot. Jesse and Sam go to the guard’s house and flip him to their side. Fi visited Michael and slipped him a pick for the infirmary lock, which is where they will go when the riot starts. The guard (Hill) has provided them the prison riot protocol.

Fi, using Maddie as a lookout, disables the booby-trap at the cemetery, and retrieves the contents. Back at the prison, guards show up to take Michael and Juan to the barber. On the way, Cruz and a couple of his guys corner them, take out the guards, and attack Michael and Juan. Michael and Juan take out Cruz and his guys, but Juan gets his leg broken in the process. Then the riot breaks out. Michael and Juan take off to the infirmary and contacts Sam with a new idea. Cruz shows up, and using some ether and a blowtorch to make an explosion, Michael knocks out Cruz. Sam and Jesse show up and take Cruz away. When he comes to, he sees a gun, grabs it, and opens the door in front of him. He is immediately arrested by the multitude of police outside. Back at the loft, Michael, Sam, and Fi listen to the tape. Apparently Simon recorded a call between himself and Vaughn. Simon says that because Vaughn tried to kill him, he guesses his services were at an end. Vaughn says they found someone else…Michael. He also says that if Michael doesn’t work out, he’ll find someone else. Michael meets with Simon and thanks him for the information, Simon tells him about John Barrett, the CEO of Drake Technologies. He tells Michael that if Barrett gets the Bible, he’ll take out Vaughn’s organization. Michael told Vaughn about Barrett. Vaughn says they’ll go after Barrett with a surgical approach. End episode.

First off, I need to say that I freaking knew it! I didn’t trust Vaughn in the beginning, and last night’s episode solidified that sentiment. So we learned in season 1 that Phillip Cowan burned Michael, and it now appears that Vaughn was influential in burning Michael. Damn I can’t wait until Michael (or someone) takes out Vaughn. As much as I would love to see Simon do it, I highly doubt that will happen. Even still, it’s wishful thinking. I am curious as to how this thing with John Barrett will play out. I have to admit that I am stoked that Robert Patrick (aka. the T-1000 from Terminator 2) is going to be on the show. Hopefully it won’t be like Michael Ironside’s brief appearance in episode 1 of this season. Last night, as we know, marked the return of Simon (played by Garrett Dillahunt). Even though Simon is a bad guy, he seems to have a bit of the Victor thing going on. Victor used to be CIA until Carla had his family killed, so that he would work for them. He then waited and planned his revenge, and took out Carla’s operatives. Simon was a cog in the machine, and after the “organization” tried to kill him, he went rogue, only to be outdone by Michael (just like Victor). Now, he wants to help Michael destroy the people who in his mind ruined his life and tried to kill him.

Well fans, we only have 2 episodes left for the summer season, and then about a 3 month wait until we get the resolution for the season and the setup for next. Like I said last week, I wish they would divide the season 10 and 8, instead of 12 and 6. Those 6 episodes won’t last long and we’ll have a decent gap until season 4 is released on DVD. That’s it for me this week folks. Take care and I’ll see you next week.