NFL News: JaMarcus Russell Admits To Failed Drug Test After 2007 Draft

Russell talked to ESPN for a piece that will air on “Outside The Lines” on August 22.

During the interview Russell said he had a prescription for the drug, but the prescription wasn’t from the team doctor. He also admitted to using the drug without a prescription, but not in the last three years.

Russell feels that one failed test is why he got the reputation of having a drug problem.

Russell is currently under investigation for possession of Codeine after the substance was found at a house he was living in. Russell’s attorney, Donald Briskman, said in an interview with The Associated Press that the codeine bottle was in a cabinet at a distance from Russell’s bedroom. He said Marcus Stevenson, a long time friend of Russell’s, told an officer at the home that it belonged to him, not Russell, but authorities took no action against Stevenson.

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