WWE Smackdown Spoilers for Tonight 8/13 with Rey Mysterio, Kane, Big Show and a Big Upset

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero open the show celebrating Ziggler’s Intercontinental Title win. Kofi Kingston attacks, so Teddy Long makes a IC Title match for Summerslam. Tonight, Ziggler gets Rey Mysterio and Kofi gets Kane.

I love when they put heat on midcard feuds.

Kane defeats Kofi Kingston, catching him off the top rope with a tombstone. Kane then blames Rey for hurting Undertaker.

Well, at least it sounds like Kofi got to look good.

Cody Rhodes defeats Christian.

Can we please turn Christian heel already?

Big Show defeats three jobbers, then CM Punk cuts a promo.

This entire feud feels like such a waste. Hopefully, Punk’s promo changes that.

Drew McIntyre defeats Matt Hardy.

Can we please release Matt Hardy already?

MVP defeats Jack Swagger.

This was said to be a fluke win, so it will set up a nice mini-feud for now to give Swagger something to do and MVP another chance to show he’s not a top guy, at the very least as a face.

Rey Mysterio defeats Dolph Ziggler, then fights off Kane.

These two have great chemistry so this is probably worth seeing.

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