10 Thoughts Review on Steve Rogers Super Soldier #2 by Ed Brubaker and Dale Eaglesham

1. Steve Rogers tries to figure out what’s going on behind the manufacture of Super Soldiers and murder of Jacob Erksine.

2. So, Steve decided to be a good detective and beat people up to find out the truth. What a tool. He runs a spy organization.

3. Only Steve Rogers’ first love is a Nazi spy who turns on the Nazis for him only to get shot over it. It’s been that kind of life for him.

4. And then has his enemies make robots of her to mess with his head 70 years later.

5. Rogers figuring out the baddies plan, with nowhere near enough information, then barging in the front door and finger pointing at the bad guys is just lazy.

6. At least the super soldier stuff comes up again at the end with the syrum being de-activated by Machinesmith. I’m not sure how a guy who makes robots managed that, but still, it’s a cool twist.

7. It’s also good to see a classic Cap villain besides Red Skull return.

8. The art is clear and straightforward, but the book suffers from the colorist being overly in love with blue.

9. I don’t think I’m interested enough here to keep reading this at $4 a pop.

10. Rating: 3/10 – This comic really wants to get to the point of taking away the Super Soldier serum so we can see how much of a hero Rogers really is, but isn’t overly concerned with how we get to that point. Since I just paid for it, I do care how we get to that point and am not amused.

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