Batwoman To Get A Zero Issue This November

It’s hardly news that Batwoman will be moving into her own solo title early next year, as Detective Comics goes back to being a Batman title. Nor is it news that artist J.H. Williams III will be the writer-artist for the title along with co-writer W. Haden Blackman and alternating artist (because let’s be honest, Williams isn’t going to be doing a monthly title without delays) Amy Reeder, after previously being the artist for Greg Rucka’s Detective Comics run with the character. What is news, however, is that now we know that in November, when every Bat book will be starting their new status quos, Batwoman won’t be forgotten.

Williams cover

In November, Batwoman #0 will come out as a lead in for the title, of which #1 will hit stores in February. In an effort to give the entire creative team a chance to shine, however, Williams and Reeder won’t just be splitting the book off with alternating stories, they’ll be working together on the same pages…I have no idea how this will work. The one shot is being called a primer to get people ready for her ongoing series, setting the tone for things to come.

Reeder cover

As for what they have planned for the zero issue? Co-writer W. Haden Blackman had this to say.

“The #0 was very rewarding to write because it re-introduces Batwoman through the eyes of Batman. It gave us a chance to compare and contrast Batwoman with a character everyone knows very well — and I think that it’s all the ways she is different from Batman that make her a really compelling and honest character.”

Batwoman through the eyes of Batman, could be interesting. Have the two interacted on-panel yet? Of course, I mean Bruce Wayne, not Dick Grayson, them I don’t even need to ask about.

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