Canadians get special Jimenez designed Alpha Flight variant cover for Avengers #4 by Bendis & Romita Jr.

Follow from the news we reported earlier, comes some news from Marvel exec. Check out the pic below and the quote underneath it.

Source: CBR

And finally, Scratchy asked, “Rumor has it that Alpha Flight will be returning, under Jim McCann’s writing. How soon can we expect news?”

[Marvel Vice President Tom] Brevoort: Scratchy, Alpha Flight is dead. Dead, dead, dead. I killed them. (Well, Bendis and I.) They are demised, dead, finished, decomposing, dead. They’re hanging out with Nightcrawler.

However, if you happen to live in Canada (or are just visiting during the right weekend), the members of Alpha Flight are taking over for the Avengers, at least for one special variant cover to “Avengers” #4 illustrated by Phil Jimenez. This special extremely limited edition will only be available for purchase at the Fan Expo in Canada on August 28 and 29. And wait’ll you read the cover copy!

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