Dennis O'Neil has regrets his ending of Azrael series (Jean Paul Valley should have died?)

As part of DC’s 75th Anniversay panel at San Diego Comic Con, several DC legends talked with fans. Dennis O’Neil [whose name was misspelled by our source] was thoughtful in his reflections.

On the topic of his role in the ending of the original Azrael series, here’s what was heard:

A fan asked O’Neill why he killed off the character Jean-Paul Valley at the end of the “Azrael” series. As the series was ending, editor Mike Carlin told O’Neill “let’s kill him! And [O’Neill] said ‘yeah alright, I’m cool with that.'”

“At that point as I was working on the last arc, I dropped dead on a restroom floor in the Hudson Valley and I have it on good authority that I was lying a corpse for two minutes until a defibrillator got my heart started and by that time the paramedics had arrived.

“So I was recovering from this heart surgery and Mike Carlin called my wife Mary and said ‘tell him he doesn’t have to kill Azrael, maybe that’s cutting it a little close,” O’Neill said.

“I wish I had written a different ending, it didn’t work, it was too ambiguous. We were just gonna flat out put the son of a bitch in the ground. And Mike Carlin’s compassion prevented that from happening.”

Source: CBR

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