More on Massive Complete Six Million Dollar Man DVD set

Slightly more on the new complete Six Million Dollar Man DVD set including the web site where it will be available in November:

In the meantime, we do have a LITTLE bit more that we can tell you! The press release said that this title “will initially be available exclusively online at a specially branded site, and fans have wondered what it is. Well, get ready to bookmark, because the landing page will be Right now it’s just a “splash page”, with a look at Steve in the opening credits (wearing his iconic red running suit) over a line that says “We have the technology” (NOTE: actually, this line is different every time the page is loaded, randomly pulling up this phrase and others from the opening dialogue, such as “Steve Austin, astronaut”; “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him”; “Better than he was before”, etc.) and a note over the Time-Life logo that pre-orders will be available soon.


[Not actual cover to DVD set]

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