Tim Sylvia vs. Paul Buentello: War on the Mainland Live Coverage

Welcome to Insidefights’ live coverage of PWP’s latest PPV, War on the Mainland. We will be bringing you round by round coverage of fights including Thales Leites, Jens Pulver and the main event of Tim Sylvia taking on Paul Buentello.

Gustavo “Ximu” Machado (185.8 Ibs) vs Rick Reeves (183 Ibs)

Round One

Good lord, they’ve got Jimmy Lennon Jr. on announcing duties.  Fights are taking place in a ring.

Even first round that surprisingly stays on the feet for the duration. Neither shows much movement, with both happy to stand in the pocket and exchange with fun kickboxing exchanges. Both throw a number of punches and kicks, with Machado going for a number of high kicks while Reeves kept looking for uppercuts and liverpuches. No grappling or wrestling of any kind, with them briefly exchanging at the very end of the round with Machado controlling Reeves in the clinch. Close, action packed round that just goes to Machado 10-9.

Round Two

Another total kickboxing round, with neither guy looking for any takedowns and only getting into a clinch at the very end. Machado is the aggressor, pushing Reeves onto the back foot for most of the round. Machado is getting lot of joy with the right hand that Reeves doesn’t seem able to block. Machado is also committing to following up on successful punches, putting together combinations including a good exchanges when he pushes Reeves against the ropes with a right hand and then follows up with several right uppercuts. Reeves is landed quality punches and low-kicks  but isn’t committing enough to put any combinations together. Machado starts really opening up towards the end, throwing some flashy strikes including a backfist and a heel kick. Another close round but again it goes to Machado 10-9.

Round Three

Different type of round, with Reeves tiring of the kickboxing and trying to tie Machado up in the clinch and then taking the Brazilian down early on. Reeves goes for a leg-lock but Machado counters by trying to go for one of his own and is able to get back to his feet. Reeves traps Machado against the ropes and gets another takedown. Machado again counters with a leglock attempt and is able to get back to his feet quickly, but Reeves counters by trapping him against the ropes. A disappointing round after the fun action in the first two. I have 29-28 to Machado but its close.

The judges scorecards are 29-28 to Machado, 29-28 to Reeves and 29-28 to the winner by split decision Gustavo Machado.

Jens “Little Evil” Pulver (155.4 Ibs) vs Diego “El Nino” Garijo (153.8 Ibs)

Round One

Depressing fight, with Pulver getting knocked down by Garijo and submitting at 1:08 after being trapped in a guillotine choke. Sad to see Pulver so diminished, with the former UFC lightweight champion unable to defeat a fighter with only four career victories.

By the way, the production values of this show are something to believe. The oldest of old school graphics (I mean they could have come from UFC 1), Bas Rutten having fun on commentary and some guy called Benny Ricardo as the play by play man.

Joao Silva (153.4 Ibs) vs Erin Beach (154.4 Ibs)

Round One

PWP have some serious production problems early on; with the video feed going out briefly, then being seemingly stuck with only the ariel camera and then a camera man being knocked over. Fantastic stuff. Total striker vs. grappler battle with Silva repeatedly working to get the fight onto the grounds while Beach wants to keep the fight on the feet. Beach shows some good submission defense, being to able escape numerous submission attempts including a triangle choke and leglock. Most memorable moment was a big slam from Beach, with Silva going for an armbar to stop a second slam. At the very end Beach got trapped in another armbar but the round ended just in time for Beach. 10-9 to Silva , due to the numberous submission attempts and ring control.

Round Two

Silva seems to have totally ran out of gas as his movement is very lethargic, lacking the energy to strike tightly or make significant takedown attempts. As a reflection of that the round take place almost entirely on the feet, with Beach soon getting the measure of Silva and pretty much putting him on the canvass with any shot. However with Beach fearing Silva’s BJJ he’s unable to follow up with ground and pound. Silva looks dead on his feet; no footwork or headmovement and his only offense being desperate lunges for single-leg takedowns. It was certainly Beach’s round, and I’d be tempted to give it 10-8 given the complete dominance that Beach had throughout.

Round Three

More of the same, pretty embarrassing really with Silva offering nothing other than desperate lunges for the single leg. Beach dominating a static opponent that was offering nothing standing. Not quite as one-sided as the second round, with Silva coming closer to getting the fight to the ground (indeed he almost was able to turn a single-leg takedown into a leglock) but its still Beach’s round 10-9. I have Erin Beach winning 29-28.

The judges score the fight 30-25, 29-28 and 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision Erin Beach.

Bas Rutten on commentary is worth the price of the pay per view alone. He is having an absolute riot. Benny Ricardo is not having as good a night. And Thales Leites against another grappler is going to just confuse the poor guy.

PWP Middleweight Championship

Thales Leites (184.6 Ibs) vs Matt “The Fighting Hippy” Horwich (185.4 Ibs)

Round One

Oh this show is just reaching new heights. First one of the ‘key points’ for Matt Horwich is just “Quantum Physics”. Second they intro the fight with video interviews that literally have the production values of a late 90s dating video – right down to the pale blue background and blocky, low resolution picture. Third Horwich delivers one of the most out-there promos in the history of the sport – words cannot do it justice. Four Benny and Bas start talking about how he smells! Seriously, this show.

Leites looks pretty sharp on the feet, getting particularly joy with legkicks that Horwich doesn’t seem able to check at all. On the ground its more even but Leites had the better positions, including briefly threatening with an Omoplata. 10-9 to Leites.

Round Two

Leites is again in control early on. Both pulling guard and taking Horwich down early on. He stands up and starts kicking the body of The Fighting Hippy, but this almost backfires as Horwich grabs the foot and almost gets the leglock. Horwich gets top position briefly but Leites escapes. Leites slips while throwing a kick, and Horwich spends the last minute fighting inside Leites guard. While Horwich finished strongly I don’t see how you can’t give the round to Leites 10-9, despite what Rutten says.

Round Three

Leites traps Horwich in the corner, eventually getting the takedown after holding Horwich for almost a minute. Leites is in half guard, moves to side control. Doesn’t seem to have much zip in his punches. Horwich tries to get to his feet, which gives Leites the opening to get his back. Leites spins round into a arm traingle, which he holds for a long time but eventually has to let go. Oddly Leites undermines is own move by not staying on the side but constantly moving back ontop of Horwich.  Horwich tries to catch Leites on the break with an Omoplata. Leites escapes and sees out the round in Horwich’s half guard. Another round 10-9 to Leites, and the commentary team’s cheerleading for Horwich is getting annoying.

Round Four

Wow. I did not see that coming. Horwich gets behind Leites, throws him to the ground and gets the rear naked choke for the submission at 0.44 in the fourth round. Woah. Really fun grappling fight, particularly the third round. Great promo by Horwich, just a fascinating character.

PWP Light Heavyweight Championship

Jason “The Punisher” Lambert (203.8 Ibs) vs Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez ( 204.6 Ibs)

Round One

There is a noticeable height difference, with Lopez having five inch height advantage. The commentators are also saying that Lopez’ weight cut was twenty six pounds, which at this level is a lot. This does make the fight look a bit odd, as if its between two fighters of different weight classes. Lopez tries to make the most of this by throwing numerous kicks but Lambert responds by getting up close and pushing for the takedown. Lambert takes Lopes down midway through with a trip, but Lopez sweeps and almost gets a rear naked choke. Lambert gets back to his feet and pushes Lopez up against the corner, but Lopez is connect with uppercuts. Lambert goes for another trip but Lopez blocks. Lambert throwing some heavy knees and punches to the mid-section, and is pushing for the takedown. They seperate and at the end Lopez throws a nice head kick. 10-9 to Lambert

Round Two

Lambert picks up where he left off, trapping Lopez in the corner and pushing for the takedown. Lambert in control landing some good knees to the mid-section. Lopez throws Lambert to the floor, and then gets him in a loose Muay Thai clinch and throws a viscious knee to the head that drops Lambert. Lopez follows up with some punches to the head and its all over at 1.42 in the second round. Fun enough fight, with a good finish.

Jorge “The Naked Man” Ortiz (169 Ibs) vs Terry Martin (170 Ibs)

Round One

A bit of a gamble to go with the swing bout – although its unlikely that both fights go to a decision, if they do then they’re main event won’t finish before the scheduled 1am ET finish time. Martin knocks Ortiz down, then works his ground and pound while staying in Ortiz’s guard. Martin passes but that creates the space for Ortiz to get back to his feet, with Martin on his knees holding onto a front facelock. A stand up is ordered, and Ortiz pushes Martin into the corner. Martin switches and throws some good knees to the mid-section. They separate but quickly get trapped in the clinch again. Good left hook from Martin but its well blocked by Ortiz. Martin gets the takedown, but is happy to stay in half guard until the end of the round. 10-9 to Martin.

Round Two

Some good punches to the body from Martin, but they get trapped in the clinch again. They seperate and Martin seems to hurt Ortiz with a nice left hand. Oddly he goes for a single leg takedown despite the success he was getting with his boxing. Ortiz is able to block the takedown but does seem to lack energy and flat footed. Ortiz throwing leg kicks and catches Martin with a glancing punch. Martin goes for another takedown, pushing Ortiz into the corner. Martin gets the takedown and lands big elbow, despite good defensive work from Ortiz. Another round to Martin who leads 20-18 on my scorecards.

Round Three

Some furious boxing exchanges early on are interupted by Ortiz hitting Martin low. Martin takes a seconds to recover while the commentators make fun of him and Mike Tyson’s voice. Martin comes forward, landing some good punches although Ortiz seems to have recovered some lost energy. Martin lands a straight right on the button, which staggers Ortiz. Martin is fighting with less intensity than in the earlier rounds, just fighting in bursts now. Both fighters are putting their punches into combinations, with only Ortiz setting up his punches with low kicks. Martin is just looking for single power punches. Probably Ortiz’s round, whose kickboxing was tighter and more fluid. I have the fight 29-28 for Martin.

Scores are 29-28 to Ortiz, 30-28 to Martin, 29-28 to the winner by split decision Terry Martin.

PWP Heavyweight Championship (catchweight fight of 275Ibs)

Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia (274.4 Ibs) vs Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello (251.6 Ibs)

Round One

I look Bas Rutten’s complete surprise at the ‘keys to the fight’ he’s meant to introduce. I mean he literally goes about one “ah…yes….that’s a good one…very smart”.

Sylvia looks better than in his recent fights. Pushes the action early on, trapping Buentello in the corner after working the jab. Sylvia works over Buentello in the corner, making Buentello carry his weight. A separation is ordered, and Sylvia again looks the better in the standup exchanges getting success with both the jab and the body kick. Buentello trapped in the corner again, with Sylvia again happy to have Buentello carry his weight. Another seperation is ordered, with Buentello throwing some fast, short uppercuts. Sylvia comes back with a big knee and again traps Buentello in the corner. They separate and for the last minute they just trade punches. Surprisingly enjoyable first round that goes to Sylvia on my scorecard 10-9.

Round Two

Buentello seems outmatched by Sylvia, unable to cope with his opponent’s weight and reach advantage. Sylvia traps Buentello in the corner again, making Buentello carry his weight. A standup is ordered and Buentello connects on the restart. Buentello makes the mistake of moving backwards, which allows Sylvia to close the distance and smother The Headhunter. Sylvia traps Buentello on the ropes, and lands a big elbow to the head of his opponent. He follows up with several big knees to the head and mid-section. He’s certainly more active than he was in the same position in the first round. Separation ordered, and Buentello’s knee seems to buckle slightly when Sylvia landed a legkick. Sylvia follows up with several more legkicks, setting right-left-uppercut combination that knocks out Paul Buentello at 4:57 in the second round. Tim Sylvia looked good, fighting an intelligent and aggressive fight. He used his weight well to wear Buentello down, and wasn’t scared to push the action with his kickboxing. Pedro Rizzo appears as the new number one contender for Tim Sylvia (I can’t say introduced because he’s name is never actually mentioned by Rutten) which would be a somewhat interesting fight.

So that concludes our coverage of PWP Sylvia vs. Buentello: War on the Mainland. The production team had its problems but it was a reasonably enjoyable night of fights.

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