Jason Flemyng To Star In X-Men: First Class Movie

Jason Flemyng, of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels fame, has been cast for X-Men: First Class. Unfortunately, he’s been cast as Azazel. Why is this unfortunate? Well, if you have to ask who the character is, then you are a for more fortunate person than I.

Azazel was created by Chuck Austen at the tail end of his Uncanny X-Men run for a story arc named The Draco. Azazel is a demonic mutant who has been around since biblical times and has been confused with the devil. Existing in another dimension his teleportation abilities helped him cross over into the Marvel U, where he would knock up women to use their kids as tethers to bridge the dimensions.

Yes, he would teleport from his dimension to the other one and knock up women so that the kids being present would let him teleport.

He’s also Nightcrawler’s father.

Would you like to cry yourself to sleep tonight? Then get a copy of The Draco now, you can even see Havok offer to make Iceman a new body by pissing on his head.

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