Gabe Sapolsky posts on Facebook re: Daniel Bryan’s return

Gabe Sapolsky updated his Facebook status early Monday morning (approx. 1 am) with the following information regarding the comeback of Daniel (Bryan Danielson) Bryan (emphasis added):

Ok, some Bryan answers. Yes, he will definitely be on 9/11 in Rahway, NJ vs. Sawa. It will be the only show he will be on that day. He will “most likely” be on the 9/25 & 9/26 shows. I’ll have an update in a day or two. No, I was not in on it. I didn’t find out anything until about 7:30pm before Summerslam and it was not from Bryan.

As Pulse Glazer reported here, he will be allowed to complete his independent dates, which include Evolve Wrestling, the promotion concocted by both Sapolsky and Bryan Danielson, who is scheduled to appear in a dream match against Japanese star Munenori Sawa.

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