The Dead Avengers To Rise For Chaos War In a Mini By Fred Van Lente

It’s hardly a rumor that Fred Van Lente has an Avengers title on the horizon, I mean, he confirmed it on Twitter himself a month or so ago. That said, we’ve spent the time since then trying to figure out what Avengers he’ll be writing, and now we know. It seems that while he won’t be writing a God Squad to go along with his Hercules, or Cosmic Avengers, he’ll be tapping into some experience he already has under his Marvel belt.

That’s right, the Marvel Zombies writer will be writing Dead Avengers, a three issue mini series that ties into the Chaos War event by Van Lente and (Incredible Hulk writer) Greg Pak. Handling art for the title will be Tom Grummett, known for his runs on titles like Superboy, New Thunderbolts, and most recently X-Men Forever.

For some reason the Chaos War has returned a group of dead Avengers to life including The Vision, Swordsman, Yellowjacket II, Deathcry, Dr. Druid, and….Captain Marvel?! DAMN IT! I just made a list with him on it as someone who will stay dead! Stupid news breaking a day later!

So anyway, when asked why he was done Zombie Avengers, Van Lente cleared things up by saying this.

“Let’s get this out of the way right upfront: they’re not zombies. Not all dead people are zombies. (And, come to think of it, having seen 28 Days Later, not all zombies are dead, either, but I guess that starts a completely different argument.)

In Chaos War, the Chaos King is systematically destroying every dimension in the mutliverse, including the afterlives. So the Dead Avengers have all been involuntarily resurrected — booted out onto the mortal plane when the afterlives they were habitating are wiped out.

Gathered together by a mysterious force — the identity of which is the big #1 reveal — the Dead Avengers find themselves the only Avengers team in existence (thanks to other events in Chaos War), and have to take on one of the Chaos King’s most powerful lieutenants — an amped-up Grim Reaper, Eric Williams, one of the Avengers’ greatest foes.

(C’mon, who else would the Dead Avengers fight but the Grim Reaper?)”

According to Van Lente, the title is all about second chances. Each of these characters has been given one, but what will they do with it? Will they be better than they were the first time around, or will they make the same mistakes again? Does this mean Deathcry is going to be blown up by another teammate? Will Vision get ripped in half? So many questions!

I can’t wait for the answers!

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