10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 08.12.2010 Feat. Kurt Angle, Knockouts & More.

10. So, doing a PPV style show in a free to air timeslot is nothing short of genius. Good change in pace.

9. Interesting to see AJ Styles turn up with a huge new tattoo. Very unexpected, but the meaning of it is lovely.

8. Kurt Angle wasn’t going to lose that one. It’s unfortunate that he’s been placed in a storyline where it feels like he’s going to win all his matches until he starts to face people nearer to the top of the rankings. Sometimes not knowing how a match will end is appealing.

7. It is horrible that the Knockouts division has been reduced to seeing Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love again. TNA used to have so many talented women wrestling for them. And sure, Madison and Angelina are talented, but any sort of variety in the matches seems to have all but disappeared.

6. So, Angelina wins. Not really going to consider that real until they’ve had enough time to change their minds and remember yet again that they didn’t actually mean for her to win the match and hand the belt back to Madison.

5. After watching the first fall I’m sure I wasn’t the only person hoping that the match went all the way to the three falls, because the wrestling was excellent.

4. Occasionally TNA fans in the Impact Zone tend to get the “this is awesome” chants going at the wrong time. But every chant that occurred during the Motor City Machine Guns / Beer Money match was accurate and well deserved.

3. So, do we really need to see Dixie’s reactions to everything in this match? … Not so much.

2. Can’t say I was devastated that Janice didn’t actually get used in that match.

1. Overall, a pretty good show. Hopefully they run with this idea and do it again. It was nice to see TNA doing what they do best, which is wrestling matches.

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