Brian Bendis's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man To Be Renumbered

Kudos to Bleedingcool for this, but in the November solicits it has been revealed that instead of publishing Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16, the book will instead be renumbered to 150.

This seems cool and all but there are two things that I believe to be worth noting.

For one thing, why renumber a freshly relaunched title? The new series isn’t even a year and a half in and they’re going with the cumalative numbers? I got them doing it with Thor, since 600 is a big number and it was hardly like the character had been a prominent entity in the Marvel Universe in a few years. Not like Ultimate Spider-Man who hasn’t been given a break in a decade.

The other thing is that…..if you do the math, November’s issue would be #149, not #150. The first volume ran for 133 issues, and November marks the 16th of the new volume. There have been three annuals, and the two issue Requiem miniseries, but if you add those on you find yourself going over the 150 mark. So it’s like, no matter how you swing it, the book isn’t at 150 yet, but that’s the number it’s getting.

Brilliant, right?

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