Jim Ross Comments on WWE Summerslam Main Event with Nexus, Daniel Bryan, Bret Hart Chris Jericho

At JRsbarbq.com, Ross had the following to say:

“The return of Daniel Bryan was both a shocker and a very pleasant development on the PPV. The much traveled and highly skilled veteran made an impact on his few weeks of TV time prior to his release from the company. The MMA aficionado showed definitive signs of brilliance during his in ring time at Summer Slam. A very strategic maneuver by WWE to bring Bryan back into the fold and I’m anxious to see how Bryan evolves.

The return of the Undertaker was a boost to the PPV. The Undertaker is one of the few, long term, incumbent stars WWE has on its roster and whenever the ‘Deadman’ is on a show it is a plus in my eyes as it relates to legit, ‘star power.’

Bret Hart kicking it up a notch was an eye opener. I don’t ever expect to see Bret on the road much or even back in the ring as a wrestler that often but what I saw in Los Angeles Sunday night really surprised me and in a very favorable way. Bret’s physicality and spring in his step was surprisingly good and I really enjoyed his time in the ring.

Chris Jericho had one of the most stimulating and dynamic interludes of the entire tag match just prior to Y2J getting eliminated. Jericho ignited the crowd and re-engaged the live audience to a fever pitch during his extended, offensive flurry. Jericho was like a maestro in how he played the audience for a hectic albeit short period of time.

Nexus is still extremely relevant in my eyes contrary to what some fans have said in emails to this site. Too many people are taking for granted the fact that these 7 are essentially rookies in WWE, have miles to travel before they sleep….as main event stars, and were placed into an extraordinary position being thrust into the main event at Summer Slam. I did think that Nexus would pull it out and upset Team WWE going into the show. I was wrong. But I do think that this faction has healthy ‘legs’ and can do just fine going forward. It’s easy for any of us to be a Monday morning quarterback but I like what Nexus has represented thus far and their upside. Nexus is in a marathon and not a sprint as the process to achieve resident, main event status still remains a multi year procedure.”

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