10 Thoughts on WWE NXT – 08.17.2010 feat. Kaval, Husky Harris, and Two Eliminations

1. Percy Watson has really fallen off over these last several weeks. When he started he was over the top but he’s been toned down to the point that he’s just another guy that says “oh yeah.”

2. Kaval’s rap was hurt by the fact that he blanked out. However, his promo linked to the show the best by referencing LayCool and I got a laugh out of his “Total Non-Stop Action” reference (even if it wasn’t intentional or supposed to come off that way).

3. Watson had a good exit interview. With Darren Young getting booted out of Nexus I wonder if the WWE will let them reprise their FCW tag team on Smackdown!

4. I read today that Season 3 will have three wrestlers and four divas. I’m not sure that I can really get behind that concept because I’m not a big fan of mixed tag matches and it seems like that’s what that season would give us.

5. When I watch this show I can’t help but think of what it would have looked like back in 1995. Imagine the cast on that show: Hakushi, Man Mountain Rock, Jean Pierre LaFitte, Isaac Yankem D.D.S., and Aldo Montoya.

6. Zack Ryder won a match? Color me shocked. I was expecting McGuillicutty to go over. That’s McGuillicutty’s third straight loss and that might be a clue that he’s going to be the other elimination tonight. I wouldn’t be saddened by that since McGuillicutty hasn’t done anything to stand out on this show.

7. Josh Matthews has grown on me as a commentator. I wasn’t a fan of his during season 1, but I really enjoy listening to him now. He’s also correct about the Undertaker looking different at SummerSlam because the Undertaker looked really old. I’ve been a fan of the Undertaker, but it’s getting to the point where its really sad to see him show up.

8. Are they trying to make Kaval-Husky their Sting-Vader series? The two have some good chemistry in the ring and after two losses Kaval earns a hard fought victory.

9. So Cole and Matthews put over Riley on commentary the whole match with Kingston and he loses? The match was a pretty decisive loss so it looks like he has some more learning to do.

10. I definitely think they eliminated the wrong guy, but Cody Rhodes cut a great promo and the brawl at the end was fantastic. Hopefully the Rhodes-Husky partnership continues.

As an added programing note, my “What the World Was Watching” column this week will recap the December 3, 1995 edition of Monday Night Raw. Also, my new column on Saturdays recaps what you can see this month on WWE on Demand.

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